What to Do if Your Cat In Heat Remedy

cat in heat remedy

Cats in heat or any animal in heat means that that particular animal has reached its age of sexual maturity and it is the time for them to mate. For cats, it happens when it reaches the age between 5 to 10 months. When your cat reaches this age, it will have a strong desire to mate with any other cat in its surrounding that is of the opposite gender. At this age, your little well behaved cat will be strong enough to disobey all the rules you have set for it. They start making funny noises and become utterly restless. You’ll see them grooming themselves more often and might try to escape to find a suitor. On a general basis the phase of finding a mate lasts for approximately a week and if your cat fails to mate by then, it’ll not go into heat for a couple of weeks then. So what can be done to calm your cat in such a period?

More Petting

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During this phase, all cats want is extra attention and care. Petting it more and brushing it well might soothe and reduce its sexual tension. Spend more time with your cat and rub its belly and fur and make it feel that it is being taken care of during the time of heat. You will notice that this will reduce its stress levels.

A Getaway

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Some cats prefer to be left alone at the time of heat unless it is around a potential mate. Make sure that you give your cat enough space for it to accept what it is going through. At this time cats can be exclusively aggressive and hard to manage, don’t lose your patience or take it personally. Your cat just wants some private space.

Giving Extra Playtime

Your little kitten might just need some extra time to play and blow off that heat. What you must know is that unlike humans, for cats the urge to mate comes like an instinct and therefore it has no control over it. Playing with your cat and spending time with it might take it’s mind off it.

Herbal Remedies

The cat owners have relied on herbal remedies for a very long time. During the time of heat, when you feel that you have tried everything and still have not been able to help your cat to calm down, herbal remedies can be a great source of help. However you must make sure that you use it only when you are out of options.

Spaying to avoid unwanted pregnancy

Most veterinarians suggest that it is not really necessary to spay your cat as increased spaying can lead to future complications. However it is one of the best methods to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Surgeon makes a small incision to remove your cat’s ovaries, uterus and fallopian tube from its abdomen. While it can be a little painful, it might be a good method if you don’t want your cat to breed.


Now that you know the symptoms and easily recognise if your cat is in heat, you can use the above methods to soothe it and help it get through this difficult time. You also now know how to prevent your cat from getting into unwanted pregnancy. However, always try to calm your furry friend through natural methods. 

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