What Is The Most Popular Orange Tabby Cat Breeds

orange cat breeds

Some people go as far as to think orange cat breeds are more loving than any other kind of cat. This has occasionally been noted in a particular study on human opinions of color and personality. But this is probably because of confirmation bias and there’s really little empirical evidence to prove that they’re any happier than any other breed of cat (despite there being lots of anecdotal evidence to support that they’re sweeter). Still, they can be rather attractive and you can’t help but fall in love with them.

So let’s take a look at some of the common orange cat breeds and see how we might feel about them. The American Short Legs is by far the most common of the bunch. And not just the common one, but the most popular. It’s even said that if you don’t own an American Short Legs then you should get one! That’s how popular this breed is.

But that popularity is not unwarranted. In fact, these guys are surprisingly beautiful felines. They have long, flowing coats that can reach a length of twenty feet or more, and those coats are often marbled with different colors of accents. Their unique look is the result of an inheritance from Abyssinians, but this doesn’t mean that this orange cat breeds are less intelligent or less affectionate. In fact, many of them are smarter than their Abyssinian counterparts and they tend to be less shy as well.

British Shorthair and British Blue cats are related but very different felines. British Shorthairs are somewhat larger than their Abyssinians and have longer coats as well. But you probably know their differences already. On the other hand, British Blue cats tend to be a bit skittish and slightly shy around strangers, so it’s important that you handle them gently.

One of the most recognizable orange cat breeds is the Burmese. Others include Persians and Djungarians. These cats all have characteristic features like thick fur, dark colored eyes, lots of hair and a short, cropped coat. The Burmese is noted for its blue-black hair, and the dark-colored eyes. This breed is also an outdoors cat, preferring wooded areas.

The third most recognized orange cat breed is the Burmese. This is the most widely used for breeding, though there are some characteristics of the Burmese that make it unique. For example, the black and white markings are distinct. And, the double coat, with markings on the face and body, is unique. While the Burmese can be quite expensive, it is still considered to be one of the most popular orange cat breeds.

Summing Up

A close up of an orange cat looking at the camera

You can purchase any of these three breeds easily from a reputable breeder, as well as from online pet superstores. Persian cats are very beautiful, but they are also very expensive. If you cannot afford an already beautiful Persian kitten, but would like to own an exotic cat that is just as beautiful, you should consider purchasing a Persian. However, if money is not a factor, you may want to consider a common breed, such as the British Blue. Either way, you will have an extraordinary cat in your life.

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