What Is the Common Health Problems In Ragdoll Cats

ragdoll cats health problems

You’ll find that most of these problems can be avoided if you’re willing to do a little bit of research on your own. Just because they are called Ragdoll doesn’t mean that they’re not beautiful. They do have a distinct look and a long coat that some people find very appealing.

The first point to note about this breed is that they do have some genetic disorders. One of these disorders is the point colored coat. The point colored coat in the Ragdoll cat will start out as a white fluffy cat. Over time the point colored coat will turn dark and if you aren’t careful, can get really bad.

Ragdoll Breed

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Another serious problem with the Ragdoll breed is temperament. You’ll find that the Ragdoll cats often have temperament problems. Temperament refers to how the animal behaves and interacts with humans and other animals. Some Ragdoll cats are extremely loving and affectionate, while others are more timid and don’t react well to being handled. There also seems to be some genetic predisposition towards this shyness, or lack of it, in this breed.

If you’re trying to decide if the Ragdoll cat’s coat is worth caring for, or if you’d rather spend your time looking for another breed, here’s a way to tell. Look at the undercoat. If the undercoat is white fluffy, it’s likely that the Ragdoll is a fluffy white cat, or an indoor/outdoor cat that should be kept in a small fenced area. Feral cats sometimes have patches of white hair all over their body, and sometimes it just happens that the patches are on their face and the rest of their coat is white.

Regular Schedule For Grooming

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The happy handbook advises owners to keep a regular schedule for grooming. If your cat isn’t brushed and groomed every day, it will lose most of its natural coat, and the undercoat will be replaced by a point-colored coat that feels really harsh to the touch. Some point colored coats may even look pointy, so you want to make sure that your cat is properly groomed each and every day.

The temperament of Ragdoll cats isn’t all bad, though. They have a friendly nature, and as a result, many breeders have incorporated Ragdoll cats into their litters, and vice versa. This means that you have a friendly, healthy cat, that is also a purebred. You can easily pass your Ragdoll to your children as they are still within their litter.

Last Word

There are other health problems common to the Ragdoll cats, but these two are the most common. There is a tendency to snore in these cats, and some say that this is because of their over-straining lifestyle. Other owners say that it’s because the over-straining causes a condition called matting. This condition is when the feathers at the front of the legs molt, which then makes the felines’ ears tangle. If you notice that your pet is snoring or you see signs of matting at the front of his legs, you should get him to the vet immediately.

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