What Are The Different Cat Breeds

A cat lying on a bed

Are you wondering about getting a cat of your own? You can’t decide which is the perfect breed of cat that you want as a pet? Don’t worry, We got you covered.

Why do you need a cat as a pet?

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Cats are quieter, cleaner, smarter, soft, and sweeter than other pet animals. They’re low maintenance and good at hunting.

Different Breeds of cats  

A cat lying on a bed

The following is the list of 5 cats suitable as pets;

  • Maine Coon

Maine Coon is one of the oldest, natural & cutest breeds of the cat to existing. These cats are from Maine, New Englander, North America. These cats are very playful, good-natured, adaptable, friendly, outgoing, and well-behaved. They are also known as Gentle Giants. They are very energetic and people-friendly. They are also known for their dog-like behavior like following their owner around.

  • Persian Cats

Persian Cats are generally round faces with round twinkling eyes and laid-back personalities. They have a thick and full fur coat. As the name suggests they originated from Persia (now known as Iran). They are gentle, affectionate, and lazy. They require a lot of attention and must be groomed for at least a day. They are the happiest and relaxing breed of the cat. Their way of showing affection is biting.

  • Abyssinian Cats

Abyssinian Cats are said to have a resemblance to ancient Egyptian Cats. They are very elegant and it is not at all difficult to care for. They are ideal Pet cats. They are affectionate and loyal and love to explore their surroundings. They are partially outgoing and easily mix with other pets and children. They have wedge-shaped faces, partially cupped ears, and developed muscles. They have long legs and short coats.

  • Himalayan Cats

They are found majorly in India. They are known as colorpoint Persian Cats. They are medium-sized cats and are usually white. They are well known for their deep blue eyes. They have long fluffy coats and are also in other colors like red, brown, cream, etc. They are lap cats and are a little lazy. They are very loyal and loving and crave human attention. They are a crossbreed of Persian and Siamese cats.

  • Siamese Cats

Siamese Cats are one of the athletic cats. They are Asian breeds derived from Thailand. They are very curious and smart. They are one of the cheapest breeds of cats. They have blue eyes, wedge-shaped heads, long legs, and triangular ears. They need a good amount of attention and can accompany you all day long. They are light-colored and have different color points like chocolate, blue, etc.

Life Span of cats 

The cats generally have a lifespan of around 2-16 years. However, it may differ depending on the surrounding Conditions and different breeds of cats.


The best type of cat breed to keep as a pet depends all upon what you are looking for in a cat. The above-mentioned cats are one of the best cats you can keep as pets.

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