What Are the Characteristics of Tabby Cats

characteristics of tabby cats

If you are a Tabby cat owner, you already know that these felines are very different from other purebred cats. They have several distinguishing characteristics that set them apart. While their body type is very distinctive, they do not all look alike. As you read this article, you will learn some of these unique characteristics. Learn what you need to know about them so that you can make the right decision when it comes to breeding your Tabby.

Distinctive Characteristics Of A Tabby

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One of the many distinctive characteristics of a tabby is its ticked pattern of hair. Tabby’s have a thick ruff of hair that falls just above their eyes. The common T in the tabby name stands for “tally” or “tab.” This refers to the area where the Tabby’s tick marks are found. The ruff of hair in the middle is the only part of the cat that isn’t ticked.

Tabby’s also have varying patterns of markings on their bodies. Some of the most distinctive among these are the “wildebeest” tabby markings which cover most of the back of the cat. These markings can vary from being darkish brown or even black. In some cases, a tabby cat can have light colored spots or stripes as well. Owing to the variations in the patterns of the markings, tabby cats often go by more than one name.

The Bright Orange Tabbies

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Another characteristic of Tabby is the bright orange tabbies that decorate their coats. These bright oranges are sometimes called tortoiseshells. Tortoiseshell is the official breed designation for the Tabby. Some people call the orange tabbies tabbed or painted.

Tabby cats also have varying patterns of markings on their legs. One of these is called the “tabbing” of the legs. In nature, this pattern would produce a fluffy coat. In tobacco wars, the tufts of hair on their legs are left unbrushed or un-tucked.

The Double Coat

A third common characteristic of the Tabby breed is the double coat. Tobacco and their Siamese ancestors have a naturally double coat of fur. The Tabby doesn’t have a double coat like the double coat of the Siamese. Instead, the Tabby has a single coat that is either solid color or a combination of two colors. Tabby cats usually have white legs compared to their Siamese counterparts.

Tabby cats have somewhat unique characteristics that set them apart from the other traditional cat breeds in the world. For example, tabby males are known for having a spotted belly. These are markings that are often more prominent on younger male cats than on females. Also, tabby males have deeper voices than their Siamese and Persian cat counterparts. The Persian cat has a smooth flowing coat while the Siamese has an oily secretion that tends to run in the ears.

Last Words

The third main characteristic is the presence of large eyes. All tabby cats have large eyes with round pupils. These are especially large and shiny at the tips of the tabbies. Some common tabby breeds such as the British Shorthair, American Short hair, and the American Longhair have smaller eyes with smaller rounded pupils. The eye itself may either be a dark gray color or alternatively it may be a light colored pink or blue.

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