What Are The Characteristics Of Ragdoll Cats

characteristics of ragdoll cats

Their tail acts as the “structure” of the body, and so it is used to provide balance and stability. When a ragdoll cat steps on something, usually its tail will catch on the sisal rope, or whatever was attached to it previously. This way, the cat can maintain its balance.

Characteristics Of These Animals

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These animals also have large paws, but their paws are generally webbed. Webbed paws help the cat grip surfaces and thus prevent slipping on surfaces. It also helps the cat to keep its balance when jumping.

Their eyes are very small, compared to the size of its body. Ragdoll cats normally have large almond shaped eyes, which are often found in blue and greenish colors. Their ears are smaller than their head and are usually black, with the exception of the time when they are playing. The whiskers are long and pointy, like those of a poodle. Though ragdoll cats are not usually found with whiskers, they sometimes use them to brush themselves.

Apart from their large, almond shaped eyes, their fur is also thick, similar to that of the Bobcat. Though bobcats normally have brown fur, ragdoll cats can usually be found with all colors of feline fur. They normally have one dorsal stripe over their chest, which starts at the top of their heads and follows their tail. Some are even able to display two stripes.

Prefer To Spend Their Time Sleeping

These cats usually prefer to spend their time sleeping, but they don’t like to be disturbed. Therefore, they sleep in high places such as trees. During the day, they like to run around, playing and chasing small animals. However, they also enjoy lounging around the house, using their own scent glands to mark their territory.

Another characteristic of this type of cats is that they are very playful. Ragdoll ones like to play a lot with sisal rope, and sometimes use it for climbing, hanging upside down from clothes, or even playing with their food. Sometimes, they will wrap the sisal rope around their neck and shake it while trying to pull it off. This is called “tucking in” in the colloquial sense. When playing, they will use the tangle to wrestle with other cats or even dogs.

 Happy Cat

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A well-behaved ragdoll cat is a happy cat. They will greet you and show affection, rather than run away from you. They will sit on your lap or stand on your shoulders. They will look up at you and purr when they want to play. These traits are the result of the cat being used to human contact, and not being used to the absence of such contact.

There are many different colors, patterns, and types of these felines. They come in solid colors with some patterned pieces, or mixed one and another. Ragdoll ones tend to have black hair, and sometimes gold, silver, and amber as well. They can be found in all sizes and breeds.


There are many advantages to having a Ragdoll cat. Some of these advantages include: they are easy to groom, require little medical care, and will not shed as much as some other breeds. You can easily get them neutered or spayed. You can buy a ragdoll kitten online or in a pet store. Before buying one, make sure that you know everything there is to know about these wonderful pets.

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