Understanding the British Shorthair Cats Characteristics

british shorthair cats characteristics

The British Shorthair or British Blue is the most popular cat breed in the United Kingdom and Europe. The British Shorthair is a purebred breed that was first bred in England, in the 1980s. It was originally bred for its elegant coat. As time passed, it has been refined to have a lot more health problems than other purebreds and has also become a very popular pet. This long and silky hair does not shed much even though they have a short undercoat.

They are a lot more outgoing than other cats and will often jump on visitors. They like to be petted a lot and spend a lot of time snuggling up to people. Because of their long fur, they are excellent companions and protectors. Even though they do not shed as much as other breeds, they still need to get out and groomed regularly.

An Overview

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Their color is a beautiful white with varying colors or patches in between. Their coats come in different shades including black, tan, chocolate, silver, platinum, and fawn. They can be a solid color or combinations of different colors. The legs of the British Shorthair are longer than the body, giving them an athletic appearance. They have a low energy level and are hardy even though they have short lifespans.

They are relatively rare and there is very little room for one in the pet trade today. There are only a few recognized Britain Shorthair breeds and they are all widely interbred. There is very little difference between any of them other than the coloration. That is one of the reasons they are so popular.

They have a short lifetime and they will quickly become attached to their human family members. They are a very independent breed that needs a lot of attention and exercise. This is why they often get along best with elderly persons.

British Shorthair Cat Characteristics

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Like most cats, they are clean animals and they usually do not shed. They have pretty delicate hair that needs regular trimming. The British Shorthair does not like being handled too much and they will often nip at the buttock or scratch the head behind the ears of the owner.

Their intelligence and willingness to please are above average. They are very affectionate toward children under one year of age. They do have some health problems, but they are usually minor. One major issue with this breed is that they can harbor skin issues that could be dangerous to the cat.

The British Shorthair cats are very intelligent. They are playful and comfortable with people. They are friendly toward other pets as well. These are not pets to be neglected. If you are looking for a great personality and a pet that will not cost a lot of money, then consider getting a pet that belongs to the British Shorthair breed.

The personality of this breed is one of the best. These cats tend to be very affectionate toward children. They are also very easy to train. This is one reason why these cats have been used in circuses all over the world. The one problem that many people have with these cats is that they seem to be quite regal. This is a matter of personal preference, but some people find the British Shorthair cats to be a bit too controlling.

In The End

Their ears are pendulous and they can become quite prominent when they stand upright. Their eyes can be either almond or dark colored and their whiskers can be either long or short. Their legs can be somewhat short or long. The eyes of these cats are very almond shaped and they can be very expressive. The British Shorthair is one of the most versatile and beautiful of all breeds.

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