Turkish Van Cat Breeders – Characteristics Of This Beautiful Cat Breed

turkish van cats characteristics

Turkish Van Cats are popular cat breeds that have grown in popularity in the last ten years or so. The main reason behind this growth in popularity is their looks. They look a bit like the traditional miniature kitty, they have short hair, but they also have long hair that is silky soft. This silky soft hair acts as a cushioning agent for the joints, making them slightly longer than your traditional household cat. Their eyes are almond shaped and their body type is a bit stockier compared to many other breeds of cat.

Although they look like tiny kittens, these kittens are actually a bit older. Their parents were already sold when the couple bought their first home. These adorable kittens have inherited their gorgeous mother’s characteristics and the lustrous amber eyes from their parents. These gorgeous creatures have slightly longer hair than your average domestic cat and they also have black, white and brown stripes running along their coats. This adds to their appeal and their personality.

Slightly Longer Muscular Physique

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Another one of the unique traits of Turkish vans is their slightly longer muscular physique. Their long, sleek bodies make them look even more lively. Their slightly longer muscular physique is due to their dense fur that protects them from the cold winter weather. They also have thickening between their toes, making them look much more alert and protective.

Health Concern

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As with any other breed of cat, there are some health problems that Turkish vans might suffer from. The coat could become matted and their hair could become curly, which makes their eyes stand out a little. They could be at risk of developing eye cancer, which is due to the fact that they spend almost all of their time underneath the snow, so their eyes can easily get dried out. If you notice any of these symptoms, then it is in your best interest to get your cat a visit to the veterinarian right away.


The lurington or wrinklington cat is a unique breed of cat that possesses the unique characteristics of a Persian cat but with the slender muscular physique of the Burmese. Some of the most noticeable features are the slightly longer muscular physique of the cat and its silky, shiny coat. Though not as common as the Siamese cat, they are very popular and are found in the majority of domestic cat registries. Turkey Vets considers this breed to be an outdoor cat and their coats are very silky, long, fluffy and dense. They are also somewhat sensitive to temperature changes and do need a warm environment to stay healthy.

Last Words

Pet Needs: Turkish Van Cats is very intelligent and inquisitive cats that love to interact with humans. They make great pets due to their high tolerance levels and gentle nature. These breeds tend to be very good with children and other pets, however there are a few health risks involved with these cats, which you should discuss before purchasing.

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