Top Five Bengal Cat Traits

bengal cats characteristics

It is said to have originated from India and was native to Burma. The beautiful Bengal has silky white fur and brown eyes that are almond in shape.

The American Kennel Club Show

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In the American Kennel Club show, champions are preferred over all other breeds. Owners normally prefer these cats over any other breed. These are intelligent and loyal pets that are great companions and are good with children. Their friendly personalities make them easy to train and they are great pets to have around all the time. In fact, it can be said that Bengals make the best pets in general.

When breeding Bengal cats, care should be taken that the dam is bred only once. Otherwise, the offspring might have long coats and look like a standard household cat. Short coats might also be possible with the exception of the Himalayan black Bengal cats. These have extremely long hair and need their hairs to be cut frequently. However, owners need to ensure that the dam is properly cared for during this process.

Owners Must Always Take Care Of Their Cats

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A white belly denotes that the cat is a purebred bengal with no other color markings on the body. There is actually only one recognized breed recognized by the American Kennel Club, the silver or platinum square Bengal. Owners must always take care when breeding silver or platinum square Bengal cats since they could rapidly get to be the champion in their particular category. Owners should understand that they would require proper nutrition, regular bathing and regular medical attention in case their cats were to attain the Championship status.


The usual coloring of this cat type is silver gray with black spots on the body. Their coats are very thick and shiny and this serves to add to their charm and attractiveness. Mainly seen on the legs, the main color of the spotted marbled Bengal cats is gray. Any well-groomed person can easily distinguish this type from other household cats since they do have some silver-gray colored spots all over their coats. Some owners prefer to groom them using only brush and soap, while others would go for combing and shaving.

Markings: The common characteristics of this cat type are its wide array of spotted patterns that cover most of its body except the face and tail. These spots are highly distinct and would allow you to easily tell the difference between a spotted marbled Bengal cat and any other feline family member. The common markings include: orange, blue, red, yellow, silver gray, green and black markings.


As already mentioned above, the most common markings of these cats would be the wide array of different spots that cover almost the entire body. Different markings appear along with different breed and in various combinations. Most of the time, the marbled variety has more black spots than the other bengals. There is also a type of spotted seal sepia bengal available for sale.

Bottom Lines

Intelligent and playful domestic cats possessing an astonishingly beautiful coat, Leopard Cats are also well known for their intelligence and playful attitude towards humans. Although they are one of the smallest domestic cats around, they are extremely strong and would definitely make a lovely pet cat. One of the most distinctive features of this breed is that they are rarely seen together with their own kind. They live in large cities together with Leopard Cats as part of the rodent population. Bengal Cats is beautiful and elegant felines that truly deserve to be the leaders of the domestic cat kingdom. With traits such as elegance, loyalty, grace, lustrous beauty, intelligence, beautiful spots and tail, this beautiful cat should be a part of every cat owner’s household.

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