Top 3 Facts about the necessity of Cat Health Certificate while Flying

cat health certificate

Traveling by air is in and of itself is anxiety-inducing enough. However, if you want to carry your beloved pet cat with you, that’s going to be another level of anxious thoughts speeding through your mind. So, the solution is preparation. That is why before we jump into the main topic we should know why we need a cat health certificate while traveling.

There is a seventy-five percent chance that your cat may not be as healthy as you thought and you and others may get this disease. USDA needs to ensure that any traveling animals cannot spread any infectious disease. And if the USDA certified veterinarians can get your cat a clean bill of health, that’s your gain. Therefore, this article will describe the necessity of cat health certificates and how to get them.

Certificates of Veterinary Inspection

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We will indeed need a cat health certificate while traveling by air, especially if we are taking our pets on the plane. These documents of health certificates are called Certificates of Veterinary Inspection or CVI. You can easily get these documents from your veterinarian. Most of the airlines need the health certificate of your cat by ten days before your trip.

You don’t need to worry about it because all the certificate is going to say that your pet cat is up-to-date with all their vaccinations including rabies. Your vet will check that if she is physically healthy enough to travel with you. The certificate will also state that if your pet is suffering from any disease. Health certificates for your cat and other pets exist to maintain you and your pet’s good health.

The Requirement of Cat Health Certificate by Airlines

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Most of the airlines do need the cat health certificate for your pet. You should check about any pet related rules with your airline before you book your tickets.

Some airlines permit ferrets on board as “emotional support animals” while other airlines don’t.

Each airline has its own specific rules about what type or size of the carrier you could bring with you. All airlines have different identifying tags and papers that you’ll need.

They also have different directions for your cat to be with you and the additional cost varies with each airline. While it is recommended that your cat should be with you in the cabin, sometimes it costs more than one hundred dollars.

You need to talk to your vet explicitly about the risks if your cat is put in the cargo hold. You might as well ask about an Acclimation Certificate. Some airlines need them nowadays.

Be sure to check that if your breed of cat is even allowed to travel in the cargo section. Because some airlines have strict restrictions about that.

Not only Air Traveling Needs CVI

Sometimes, any kind of traveling with your pet requires health certificates.

Some States need the cat health certificate even from travelers from out of state. So, even if you’re traveling via train or car, you may need that CVI.

We were talking only about domestic flying where one health certificate is all that is needed but if you’re traveling across the world, things are going to be a little bit difficult.

However, do not panic as thorough research ahead of time can solve anything. Traveling across the world with your cat needs to fulfill that country’s specific rules and regulations. The International Health Certificate is one of the most common certificates you’ll need to travel worldwide with your lovely cat.


In this article, we can know the necessity of a cat health certificate. We also have been aware of the fact that sometimes any kind of traveling needs that certificate and how it is different from another country’s rules and regulations.

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