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For cat lovers of all ages, cat cartoons are a great way to spend some time. Whether you’re looking for cat safety tips or just want to relax with the family by watching cat videos, cat cartoons have something for everyone. Since cats are so diverse and come in so many shapes and sizes, there is no shortage of cat cartoon options on the market today!

This article will introduce you to 20 of our favorites. We will go through cat cartoons for multiple audiences, cat animations, and cat movies.

What Are Cat Cartoons?

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Cat cartoons are short films or videos that feature one cat in particular or a group of cats. The cat(s) will do something that is usually inappropriate and comedic while the other characters react to it. Most cat cartoons don’t feature any words, meaning you can enjoy them even if you don’t speak the cat’s language! Cat cartoons are not just for cat lovers either. Even people that don’t like cats will find cat cartoons funny because of how crazy their behavior is.

What Are the Best Cat Cartoons?

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The cat cartoons listed below are a combination of cat cartoons for kids and cat cartoons for adults. We chose cat animations, cat TV shows, and cat movies that we thought were the best cat cartoons out there.

Here’s our top 20 list:

Tom & Jerry – This is an old American cat cartoon from the 1940s to 1960s. Many cat lovers and cat cartoon enthusiasts consider this one of the only cat cartoons to ever be made, which is why it gets to number 1 on our list. The cat in this cat cartoon is named Jerry and his adversary is Tom, an orange cat with a red nose that loves chasing him around. Most of the cat cartoons for kids will feature cat and mouse cats and catfights like these.

Sylvester & Tweety – This is a cat cartoon series that was made by Warner Brothers in the early 1990s and features one cat trying to catch one bird. The cat loves chasing the little yellow bird around, but Tweety always manages to find a way out of it.

Garfield – Back in the late 1980s, Garfield started as an American comic strip about a cat that loved eating lasagna and snacks all day while his owner Jon tried to get him more active through different ways. It wasn’t until 1982 when Jim Davis decided to make short animated cat cartoons starring Garfield for television! Today there are so many cat cartoons with Garfield in them that cat cartoon fans have no shortage of cat cartoons to watch.

The Cat in the Hat – Dr. Seuss’s cat cartoon series was based on the book called “The Cat in the Hat” by Theodore Geisel, who wrote under the pen name Dr. Seuss. Since then several cat cartoons are based on his books including “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “Green Eggs & Ham.” Some cat noises were added to this cat cartoon for kids, but it still holds up well today despite being made in the early 2000s!

Tom & Jerry Kids – This cat animation is exactly like Tom & Jerry but targeted towards children with less violence and stronger morals at the end of cat episodes. It’s not as old as the original cat cartoon, but it is still great for cat lovers of all ages.

Felix The Cat – Felix the cat is a cat animation character that was created by Otto Messmer, who made cat cartoons to entertain people during the early 1920s. There are no words for this cat to speak except “Felix Who?” at the beginning and “The End” at the end because he mostly just makes cat noises throughout his cat episodes.

Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries – This cat cartoon series features all of your favorite characters from Looney Tunes in different mysteries about them solving crimes with each other. Since there are no humans in cat cartoons, it’s perfect for cat and bird lovers alike.

The Aristocats – This cat cartoon is an old Disney animated cat movie about a bunch of cats that live with a rich family and what happens when they all get separated after the family leaves town. The cat cartoon features some other animals like dogs, but the cat is still the main focus of this cat movie.

Street Cats: A Manhattan Adventure – This cat cartoon was made by David Yost (the director of Pokemon) to try and answer one question: What would happen if New York City had cats instead of people? It’s actually pretty good considering how silly that premise sounds!

Garfield Gets Real – In this cat cartoon, Garfield leaves the cat planet and comes to Earth in search of cat cartoons for cat fans. He does all kinds of cat things on Earth-like eating lasagna, playing with his friends, and watching cat TV shows that are similar to cat cartoons he used to watch back home.

The Lion King – This is a classic Disney animated movie about lions in Africa where Simba takes over as king after Mufasa’s death at the hands of Scar. It features many different types of cats but mostly lion cats!

Cats Don’t Dance – This cat cartoon was made by Turner Feature Animation in 1997 and tells the story of how one cat tries to become a big Hollywood even though it’s hard being a cat in cat cartoons. Like many cat cartoons, this cat cartoon teaches you to follow your dreams no matter how far-fetched they are.

The Adventures of Milo and Otis – This cat animation tells the story of Milo, a pug dog that has to deal with an adventurous cat. It’s not an accurate depiction of cats since there are many hyperactive scenes with them jumping all over the place but it is still beloved by cat lovers.

Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm – In this cat cartoon spin-off from Happy Tree Friends, Cuddles and Giggles meet up with Grumpy Cat for some fun times! Just like other cat cartoons on this list, there isn’t much dialogue in cat episodes, but it still does a good job at being funny.

Oggy & The Cockroaches – This cat animation is about the life of Oggy, who lives with 3 cockroaches that have to have their cat tuna even though it’s dangerous for cat cartoons to get close to cat food! Most cat cartoon fans will recognize this cat show since it’s very similar to other cat cartoons on this list.

Family Guy – One of the newer shows on this cat cartoons list, Family Guy was created by Seth MacFarlane and mostly features Peter Griffin doing whatever he wants while causing trouble for his family. There are also some cats in here like Vinny the cat and cat Stewie!

The Odd Life of Timothy Green – If you liked Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, then the cat movie that came out in 2012 is perfect for you. It’s about a cat couple that can never get adopted since they look weird compared to other cats so they create their own cat child from an enchanted plant, which becomes Timothy Green. He eventually befriends other neighborhood kids and learns lessons along the way.

Catdog – This cat cartoon features two cat brothers who were separated at birth and now have to work together to make it through life. It’s mostly about their different personalities but they do save each other when times are tough. Most cat cartoons on this list have cat brothers, so it’s no surprise that Catdog is on this cat cartoons list!

The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride – This cat cartoon was the sequel to the original story about lions in Africa. It follows all of the same cats from the first story, but now there are two new lion cat characters added in Zira and Nuka. Some cat fans didn’t like how they changed some of their cat favorites for this cat movie, but they were still pretty good for most people.

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure – Another classic Garfield adventure that has nothing to do with Thanksgiving or Christmas! It features a lot of funny scenes where Jon dresses up as different funny things like a vampire cat in order to entertain the cat, Garfield. If you watched the cat cartoons when you were younger, then this cat video is a must-watch!


Cat cartoons are cat-tastic! If you’re a cat lover, then these cat videos will be perfect for you. Whether they feature cats talking or not, cat cartoons provide plenty of funny moments that make them worth watching. You should definitely try out the cat cartoon we’ve mentioned above and see if it’s your cup of tea! Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to tell us what other types of content you like reading about as well. We can always use feedback from our readers to help improve our articles so send those messages over whenever possible. Thanks again for stopping by and happy viewing!

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