Tips For Dealing With Aggressive Cats

aggressive behavior in cats

If you have aggressive cats, the chances are good that it is also being fed improperly. This means that they are not getting the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Unfortunately, most pet stores only sell canned food for cats. This can be a problem because the moisture content is too low. This will encourage the growth of bacteria and may lead to a number of illnesses in your cat.

Dry food is one of the worst things you can give to your cat. Most veterinarians do not recommend canned food for cats over eight months old because it can make them very ill. In fact, if you feed your cat dry food, it is more likely to become ill. Some people believe that this is due to the lack of moisture in the dry food. While this is true, there is another reason why this happens.

Dry Food

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Dry food contains a high level of protein. This is very important for cats, especially when they are young. At this age, their metabolisms are not as efficient. They will often try to get more food than they need, which can lead to dental problems and a lack of energy. If you notice these symptoms in your cat, you should definitely switch him or her to a high quality canned food.

It is not uncommon to see aggressive behavior in cats when they are dehydrated. The body cannot retain as much moisture as it should, so it ends up losing fluids through the urine. In addition to the moisture, there is also a lack of fiber in the dry food. When cats do not have enough water and nutrients, they will become sluggish and lethargic. You can help your cat’s health and his well-being by feeding him canned food with a high level of moisture.

Cat Foods Contain Moisture But No Fiber

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Some cat foods contain moisture but no fiber. This is the type you should use for your cat. If your cat has a problem with moisture, he may try to lick the canned food. However, since he cannot taste the food, he will lick the walls of the can and this can lead to blockage of his digestive tract.

When choosing canned food, remember that meat is the main ingredient. You should get a high quality brand which contains meat as the main ingredient. This is important because if the cat’s system is clogged with hardened feces, the cat will not be able to digest his food properly. If he eats meat that is not thoroughly cooked, he will develop indigestion and blockage of his digestive tract.

Fleas And Other Parasites

Some cat owners give their cats fleas and other parasites. Cats sometimes carry diseases and parasites and cannot regulate themselves. This can lead to extreme energy loss. If you suspect that your cat has been infested with parasites, you can consult your vet who can in turn give your cat the appropriate medication.

Other factors that cause aggressive behavior in cats are the stress and boredom. If you feel that your cat has become bored or stressed due to certain events in his life, you can give him toys that can stimulate his hunting instinct. Playing with him toys can help to keep him active and interested. Cats are like human beings and need mental stimulation to stay active and healthy.

Identify The Source Of The Aggression

In cases where you cannot identify the source of the aggression, try to talk to your vet. Ask for medications that can be bought over the counter. If you notice other behavioral problems such as scratching, biting, and excessive jumping, you may have to take your cat to the vet to determine what exactly is causing it. Sometimes, there may be some physical reason behind it. In such cases, you may have to schedule an appointment with a kitty doctor who will analyze your cat and prescribe appropriate medicine.

Aggressive behavior in cats may result from lack of social interaction with his litter mates. When you introduce new cats in your house, make sure that they get along with each other. It is also important that you provide your cat with enough space so that he does not feel confined and aggressive towards his litter mates.


It is possible that aggressive behavior in cats is inherited. If this is the case, you may have to modify your cat’s behavior to conform to what you want. This is very easy to do, simply by removing all the toys from the room where your cat is and turning them into one big play object. Cats love to play with toys and it is important that you keep them entertained for their own good.

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