Three Rare Cat Breeds You Didn’t Know About

rare cat breeds

Many unusual cat breeds have been developed through careful study and many are truly worth looking into, but some breeds are just that special. Some rare cats are so rare that they are nearly extinct. There are some things every cat owner should know about these elusive pets.

The Malayan Mau

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MALESTROSHIN. The Malayan Mau is one of the rare cat breeds that have survived into the 21st century. The Malayan Mau was developed from a crossing of three different types of cats, the Abyssinian, Siamese, and the Persian. The Malayan Mau was one of the very first cats to be bred for beauty and became a top choice for cat owners around the world.

BARNISH. The Barnish is another one of those rare cat breeds that has been around for a long time. They were created by crossing a domestic cat, the Maine Coon, and a domestic cat, the British Bobtail. It is now thought that the Barnish was actually the ancestor of the modern Bobtail. The name is somewhat misleading as the Bobtail is much lighter in color and has a longer body than the Maine Coon.


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SHEEPMAIL. The secretiveiveness of the Savannah has earned it the rare cat breeds designation. The Savannah was probably developed when two domestic cats mated, thus creating a rare cat breed with its long coat that closely resembles the African Wild Cat. The British Bobtail and the United States Domestic cat were probably breeding to achieve the sleek and silky smooth coat of the Savannah.


This is a short hair cat breed that is one of the rarest cat breeds to be found. It has a long lustrous coat that ranges in color from white, silver and gold to gray and platinum. The coat normally starts to become longer at the end of its tail and the hair becomes straight or slightly curly.

KITTY. Theitty is another one of those rare cat breeds that is a bit different from most. Unlike most long haired felines, thirty is short haired and was most likely developed for a specific purpose. It is primarily utilized by college students as their study pet since it is extremely easy to maintain and groom. As mentioned before, thirty is also used by some dog lovers since it is very easy to train and is also quite good at agility and handling dogs.

CYNTHIA. This is one of those rare cat breeds that is well suited to people who do not like the idea of having a fully-grown cat at home. Since the majority of feline species are virtually breed specific, it is only the cynergy of genes that can determine whether an animal is a pure breed or a mixed breed. Therefore, any feline with sufficient DNA will have sufficient potential to produce a viable offspring.


MINSHINGLE. Minskin is a unique cat breed that is native to the state of Arkansas. Although the name sounds exotic, the cat is actually rather well balanced. A solid, dense, and muscular cat with a long, low, straight coat is what you will get when you are getting a male manikin, as opposed to female minsuits, which tend to be shorter, straighter, and softer. In addition, the color can vary from a deep chestnut to a beautiful chocolate brown.

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