There Is No Leakage, Can Provide Safe, Fresh and Healthy Water During Travel and Outdoor Activities!

Having a pet has a lot to do with buying the necessary products for loved little animals. Today, most people have pets that make one happy and comfortable. A pet is just like a child that every owner wants to give everything it needs. There are a variety of pet products available in the market that make traveling with cute little furry friends easy and comfortable. The product mentioned below is a portable pet water bottle which can be the best option to choose for the loving creature. 

Portable Pet Water Bottle

This portable pet water bottle is from the INTELITOPIA brand. It is made in such a way that this product is convenient and is also lighter to carry around which makes the product a perfect option to consider while traveling with pets. This product is made for comfortable use during pet walks as it is handy and can be easily carried without any hassles. This is the best option to carry and feed the pet with water in certain places where a pet bowl might be messy. One can be even assured of feeding quality water to the pets when traveling out. The material used in manufacturing this amazingly helpful product is based on high-quality plastic that makes the product more durable. This product comes in two different color variants that are blue and red. The most amazing part of the product is its portability. This pet water bottle also comes in two different water-holding capacities. One is two fifty milliliters and the second one is five hundred milliliters. Due to these amazing water-holding variants, the product becomes a great option to consider in accordance with the purpose of buying. 

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  • Item Type: Water Bottles
  • Applicable Dog Breed: Universal
  • Volume: 500ml
  • Material: Plastic
A plastic bottle on a table


  • It is convenient to carry for small pet walks. 
  • This is highly lighter in weight. 
  • The product is easy to clean. 
A close up of a bottle


  • This is a non-eco-friendly product. 
  • The price might be a bit high. 
  • The screws may loosen over time. 


This product is a great considerable option to buy that would surely make one happy. The portable pet water bottle can be a perfect product for traveling with pets. This product comes in two variants with different water capacities and also two colors as mentioned above and according to the variants, this product is available in a price range of twelve dollars to thirteen dollars. This product is made of high-quality plastic which is a thumbs up for long-term use. The product is made with high consideration so that it becomes convenient for pets to easily drink water. Pet lovers must check this amazing pet water bottle product out to know the actual worth of using it. This is a great product that people who love traveling with the furry ones would surely love due to its convenient nature.

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