The Solutions To Jealous Cats Behavior And The Methods To Reduce It

Cats show jealousy in many ways and it is important to know it if you own a cat. You may find your cat staring at the remote control in your hand or the newborn baby in your house and various things like that. It is necessary to solve it and train your cat on the right path to get the right behavior for your cat. Let us see some of the solutions for jealous cat behavior in detail.

Determine The Trigger

A cat sitting on a bench

The first step in solving the jealous behavior in cats is to find out what is making them uncomfortable. Finding it will help you to take preventive actions and to solve the problem. This requires close examinations and continuous monitoring. You also have to make sure that the behavior is repeating and it is something that has to be changed.

Spend More Time With Your Cat

A cat lying on the ground

The best way to stop the jealous behavior in your cat is to spend more time with the cat. Spending more time will make it avoid bad behaviors and will be friendly and obedient to you. Give your cat some toys and spend time with it whenever you have free time. You can also cuddle with your cat on the sofa or bed and make her familiar with you. Never forget to offer the cat treats when it shows good behavior.

Give Your Cat Personal Space

It is important to give the cat a separate area for herself. Like human beings, animals also like to have the freedom and personal space. Give food in this personal space and the cat will feel comfortable and happy. Never take back the toys given to your cat and keep them in a particular place so that the cat finds them there always. In this way, the cat understands that it is valued and starts showing good behavior.

Teach Your Cat To Accept It

If you are unable to remove the object or place that the cat is jealous of try offering some gifts and treats to the cat at those times to make it adjust to the situation. Do whatever you


Jealous behavior in cats is common and you need to find ways to make your cat normal and good. It will take time and you need to make continuous effort and monitoring. There are different methods to stop the bad behavior in cats and you need to try those to make your cat behave great. The more time you spend with the cat, the better it is for the cat and the better you also will understand about the cat.

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