The Most Rare Cat Breeds

rarest cat breeds

The rarest cat breeds are those which have only a few members in the entire gene pool. They are truly exquisite, and some of them are going to be incredibly rare. A coat that is blue with black spots on it is not a very rare breed, but it is certainly one of a kind.

The most common of the rarest cat breeds is the Egyptian Mau. There are actually many different variations on this theme, and they are generally referred to as mau’s or mee’s. It is their mischievous personality that makes them so rare. Originally these cats were bred primarily for a certain type of job. They are great for hunting small animals, like rodents and squirrels. And they can also be quite affectionate toward children.

The second most rarest cat breeds are the eastern turkish vans. These are the ones which tend to be more wrinkled than other types of cat breeds. Their distinctive look is that of a wrinkled mass of folds. Originally these were bred to help alleviate the problem of asthma in humans, and their popularity has risen ever since. The appearance of an eastern turkey vase is just a really cute one.

Of course we cannot forget our very own longhaired felines, the long haired felines. They tend to be the rarest of the rarest cat breeds, but they are absolutely adorable. Longhaired cats tend to be very affectionate and loving, and they need a little extra attention from their owners. They are very loving and devoted to their owners, and they need to know that they are loved and cared for.

Cats from the sphynx breed are some of the most rarest cat breeds in the world, and they are extremely rare, they are literally “one of a kind”. Cats like this are very energetic and playful. They like to run around, play and enjoy being rough with a ball or other small toy. Cats like this are highly intelligent, and they have a tendency to use tools to play. Cats like these are playful, active, and curious. Cats of the sphynx breed love children, and if given a chance they will entertain themselves for hours playing with and napping on your lap.

The third on this list of the rarest cat breeds is the Norwegian Forest Cat. The Norwegian Forest Cat originated in Norway, and they are now widely raised as pets all over the world. They are truly one of the cutest little cats around. They tend to have a playful nature, and they are always up for some fun. They love to be outside, and they love being petted.

The fourth breed on our list of the most affectionate cat breeds is the British Blue Cat. These little beauties were originally bred in England, back before the Second World War. They have a lustrous coat that is either solid blue or a mottled silver color, and they come in a variety of colors from tan, blue, black and tortoiseshell. These cats can usually be spotted easily because of their almond shaped eyes, which are very distinct. Their personality is very affectionate, and they are very friendly and playful.


A close up of a cat

The fifth and final rare breed on our list is the kurilian bobtail cat. This is a breed that originated from the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. These beautiful felines are very sociable animals, and they love to spend time with both humans and other cats. These cats have very distinctive faces, and they also come in a range of color combinations, including red, silver, orange, yellow, and blue.

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