The Most Expensive Cats In The Uk

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However, most of the time high end cats have been bred in captivity, and do not normally come across as particularly territorial. Below are some of the more common, expensive cats characteristics.

A really neat trait is the ability to spot you from a far distance. These cats will watch you from far away, scanning the surroundings for potential danger. If they see anything that looks suspicious, they will stop and investigate it. If the sighting is positive, it means your cat has picked up on your scent and will be coming to you.

Parasites Can Cause Major Problems For Cats

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High activity levels with little or no exercise is a feature of many high activity cats. They will spend hours grooming themselves in search of parasites. If your cat is showing these signs, it could mean that it has been infected with parasites. Parasites can cause major problems for cats, so this is something to be aware of. Parasites will often be seen at an early stage in life when your cat is still young.

It’s often thought that wild cats are generally nocturnal, but in fact many will wake up to investigate things before retiring for the night. This is especially true of Siamese cats, who are particularly high maintenance. They will often leave their litters, sleeping in covered places overnight. Their litters can contain up to twelve kittens, and depending on how large it is, the mother can produce over twenty litters each year.

Highly Territorial

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Highly territorial, the cat is often seen making circles in its territory. This is common in the wild, but is also seen in captivity. The reason for this is the frustration of the owner, who is trying to feed an overly vocal pet. A good solution is to play the chasing game, where you hide the food circle and let your cat chase the other one out.

Cats who are indoor pets can suffer from health issues and behavioural problems, which may be the result of being over-exercised or bored. Excessive exercise can lead to obesity, and there is also evidence that playing too many video games can have a negative impact on children. Whilst most cats enjoy chasing the ball or making noise when inside the house, if they become bored they will often stray outside. As a cat owner you should try and keep the environment stimulating, as long as the cat is kept fit and active. If your cat seems uninterested or unwell, seek veterinary help.

Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are a very distinctive breed, with the eye being very small compared to its body size. Their skin colour ranges from dark grey to bluish black. The short tail adds to their unusual appearance, whilst the ear tufts can make the ears appear pointed. These quirky characteristics make them unique.

Being one of the most intelligent breeds, the Siamese is highly intelligent and has excellent memories. As a result, they are unlikely to suffer from behavioural problems, although they can become bored. Their high intelligence means they are unlikely to become depressed, and rarely get sick. They are however prone to hairiness and allergies and need regular grooming to prevent this problem. If your cat becomes dull or ill then visits to the vet are imperative and can help identify expensive cats characteristics early on.

They Are Good With Children

Breeding these cats is extremely popular, as they are good with children. This makes them ideal for first time cat owners, although they do not mix well with other cats. If you are looking for an exotic pet then the British Shorthair is an ideal choice. It is highly intelligent, and is slightly more high maintenance than some other breeds of cat. They have a high prey drive and require daily exercises to stay healthy and happy.

Burma and Persian cats are another sub-breed that are extremely popular in the UK. Both are long haired and high energy and require large areas of fenced in habitat. They can become bored if left to their own devices, so will need to be kept occupied. Both breeds can be good with children, but have a tendency to become jealous of other cats that may begin to look towards dominant status. Their grooming takes longer than that of the Siamese, and both require regular visits to the groomer.


These are just a few of the most popular and most expensive cats in the UK. If you would like to own one then do your research, as there are many different types of cat in this world. There is no such thing as the perfect cat, so whatever breed of cat you choose, ensure that you will be able to adapt it to your lifestyle.

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