Take A Closer Look At The Curious Characteristics Of Friendly Cat

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Dogs, as pets, are referred to as human beings’ best friends, as they are loyal, friendly, and devoted. The characteristics of a friendly cat are described as independent or on the horse of a dilemma by their owners. But research says cats hide their unconditional love and affection beneath that sham. They are also strongly and equally bonded to humans as dogs and infants.

The Characteristics Of Friendly Cat

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According to owners, some cats are too independent, aloof, and cool while some are intelligent, elegant, friendly, and calming companions, dealing with their exercise and cleaning. Cats nowadays are one the best animal species that you can have as your pet or companion. Cats satisfy people’s need for an animal-human bond, they also provide their owners with emotional and social support. The human-to-cat interactions also depend on the owner’s gender, age, and the quality of time their owner can avail for them. Research has found that cats appear to have a relationship with owners who are adult women. This is because men are more likely to interact with cats while standing or being seated, whereas women tend to interact more with their cats while sitting on the floor. The characteristics of friendly cat seem to be more independent, so owners call to their cats before interacting with them, thus allowing them to decide whether to respond or not at the call. Interactions initiated by the cat itself towards humans tend to be longer than those initiated by humans.

The Most-Friendliest Cat Breeds

A cat sitting on top of a grass covered field
  • Maine Coon: These cats are recognizable by their large size, large ears, and tufted paws. They are known for their love and affection towards other cats, dogs, children, and humans. Alike dogs, they can also learn to respond to some basic commands. Unlike other breeds of cats, the Maine Coon has an affinity towards water, so they love playing with water or showering.
  • Siamese: These Siamese are known for their loving nature, intrigued nature, and beautiful blue eyes. They love to seek attention and always want to be with you, be it your lap, on your bed, or your table, and talk to you. They are extremely loyal to their owners.
  • Persian: The Persian is one the most popular cat breeds, known for its elegance, sweetness, and gentle personality. They prefer calm and quiet environments, and they love to curl up on your lap for a small nap.
  • Burmese: The most affectionate among other cats love spending quality time with their owners and families. Their appeal is so irresistible, that a person who doesn’t like cats would eventually love cats. Like all other cats, they also love cuddling and sleeping on your bed.
  • Exotic Shorthair: The Exotic Shorthair can fit in well with any family because of its adaptability. They love having fun and are also playful. They are not too talkative, rather they are known for their squeaky meows.
  • Ragdoll: These cats are gentle, having laid-back attitudes and they love to follow your path. They are your lap companions, known for greeting your family members at the threshold. Their sweet temperaments and gentle nature make them a perfect fit as a pet for your family. They are not at all active, rather they love lying on the floor and take a rest.
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