Step For Treating Antisocial Behaviour In Cats Things That You Need To Know

treating antisocial behaviour in cats

Bringing a matured cat home is one of those intimidating situations, that requires attention. Besides, being judgy all the time, the feline always behaves aggressively and antisocially. So, what to do to treat this circumstantial crisis? Here are some steps that will guide you through treating antisocial behaviour in cats. Therefore without any further ado, let us check the steps out-

What One Should Be Expecting While Socializing With A Cat

A cat lying on a blanket

Since we all know that cats are curious creatures, hence remaining aware all the time is what they excel at. They stay hearty when keeping up a distance. However, if there is a positive experience, then they might be opening up a bit. On that note, a kitten who is only 7 weeks old is cordial in nature, hence they start their mission of exploring the new environment as soon as they land. But older than this, a cat requires scopes and space to adjust to the new surrounding.

As A Master You Need To Stay Patient

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While training a cat, you should be staying patient at all costs. You might have noticed that behavior by now that cats act like humans to some extent. In terms of socializing, they generally stay happy in their own space. However, things are certainly different while pampering your kitten. You can randomly lift it up, and cuddle. But cats belong to that category of animal whole prefers ‘No Touching’.

So, if you are dealing with a kitten or cat, give it time to settle slowly. Now if your home is the house of several other cats, then introduce the new member slowly. As a master, you have to give ample time for each of the felines to settle with a positive mindset.

Make Sure That Your Cat Comes Up First

If you notice that your cat runs away the moment you take a step forward, try to stay calm and stationed. See, whether it comes to you or not. Be generous and welcoming. Offering treats naturally helps. You can toss the treats at a distance; take time. Slowly and gradually your cat will understand and will come to you. 

Additionally, try paying close attention to its peers. There might be a stressor disguised within the other feline in your home. Try to identify and remove the stressor. This will give you an opportunity to convince the newcomer to be more at home. 

In Conclusion

Since cats are naturally antisocial, eradicating this behavior will take time. However, you need to stay patient and take a step to meet with the friendly side of your cat. You will definitely meet several hurdles and hindrances coming indirectly your way. Just hold your thoughts together, for it will pass. But staying calm and offering treats to tame the new member, will help you for sure.

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