Smallest Cat Breeds to Consider As Pets

smallest cat breeds

If you’re looking for a small cat that’s just as cute as it is loving, then you need to consider one of the tiny breeds known as the Siamese. Popularly called the “Siamese Miniature Cat,” these cats are extremely well-known and well-loved around the world. But they don’t just come in tiny packages. In fact, they come in many different varieties, including long and short haired breeds. No matter what kind of Siamese you’re looking for, you can most likely find one to suit your taste.


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This breed is one of the smallest cat breeds in terms of body length and may only reach up to ten or twelve pounds in weight. Popular for its beautiful silky smooth coat, Persian cats also have an athletic physique, excellent skills for hunting and excellent eyesight. They don’t require very much grooming and can be bathed in just a few minutes. This breed does require a little more grooming and may even need a vet’s care at some point in his or her life.

Japanese Bobtail. Also known as “Crowned Bobtail” due to its distinctive coloration and pattern, this breed is one of the smallest cat breeds on the planet. The Bobtail cat has an overall smaller body frame than its fellow breeds and remains fairly slender throughout. Their body is generally covered with a single layer of hair. Despite their cute and small size, this breed is actually very intelligent and alert, with a personality that is considered somewhat playful.


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Also known by the name “Munchkin” in Ireland, this breed is quite tiny in appearance, standing only between one and two inches in length. A natural orange-and-black coloration, the munchkin looks like it has long and silky, furry legs. Their body is covered with a single, slightly raised layer of hair, with the rest being hairless on the face and body.

Singapura. Another tiny cat breed, the Singapura is only four inches in length. This breed is so tiny, it takes someone who is very tall to even notice them. However, they are extremely energetic, and are great pets for children, with the energetic nature to keep them occupied.

American Curl Cat

These cat breeds were developed from the short, stocky, curly-haired American Cocker Spaniel. Over time, the American curl cats evolved into something very different. Although they still maintain their short, stocky coats, they have now become skinnier, and their legs, much like those of the Bobtail, are longer and more lanky.

dwelf. The word dwelf means “dwelling” in Old Dutch, but today it simply means “cat”. A lot of people think that this tiny cat breed originated from the barnyard cats of England. However, this is not true, as they are actually more closely related to the British Wire haired felines, which have a very similar set of characteristics.

Last Words

If you are looking for a cat that is small, friendly, and inquisitive, then you might want to consider one of the many small breed cats that are available today. There are plenty of breeds that you can choose from, and most are extremely lovable. Just remember that even though some of them are small, they still have to gain lots of skills in order to be a successful pet owner. So, be prepared to do lots of training if you want your kitty to learn tricks and master various commands.

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