Siamese Cats Characteristics That Will Amaze You

Siamese Cats Characteristics

Do you own a Siamese cat? If yes, then you surely got wooed by their mysteriously good looks and charms. You will be amazed to hear that your cat is one of the most popular and fascinating breeds globally. Want to know more about them? In this guide, we have explored four fascinating Siamese cat’s characteristics. It will help you understand their history, quirks, and habits. After reading this, you will be proud of having such an excellent pet.

Fascinating Siamese Cats Characteristics
Fascinating Siamese Cats Characteristics

Fascinating Siamese Cats Characteristics

Siamese Cats Are Cat-Dog

This statement sounds strange and weird, but it’s true. Siamese cats are more of a dog than a cat. They are the first one meeting you at the door or going for a walk.

Besides their high vocal extremity, they love to explore the outer world. They also love running and playing fetch with their owner.

Have you ever seen your cat following you everywhere, just like a sincere and loyal puppy? Your cat takes interest in your life and home’s whereabouts.

Siamese Cats Are Old Breeds

Siamese cats are the very first domesticated pet in the entire humankind. They got originated around the 14th century in Thailand. At that time, they were bred with kinked tails and crossed eyes. Their bad genetic factors resulted in today’s modern appearance.

An old story says, Siamese cat guards Thai treasures and royal goblet. Isn’t it interesting? Moreover, Thai folk also believed that they would gather one’s spirit.

Soon, this breed gained huge popularity and turned all eyes upon them. Did you know that the very first cat landed in the United States as a gift to President Rutherford B. Hayes? She was excited and waited around two months for “Siam” arrival.

Siamese Cats Are Great With Children

This breed is playful, intelligent, and attuned to bring most out of the moment. They are wonderful family pets. Your children can take them for a walk. They are always ready to spend time and receive affection.

But it’s disheartening to hear that they got depressed and lonely when left for too long. So, if you are going on a long vacation, leaving them alone is not the best idea.

Siamese Cats Are Loyal

Inherit Siamese Cats Characteristics
Inherit Siamese Cats Characteristics

Siamese tends to stay emotionally attached and make strong bonds. That’s the reason why you always got flattened by your cat’s beautiful appearance.

The secret dated back some hundred years ago. They were treasured by royal and big families due to beautiful and distinctive appearance. The royal families believe their cat will receive their soul upon death. Sounds a good gig, huh?


Undeniably, you never thought your Siamese cat holds so many fascinating characteristics. Right? We hope you got inspired and is prouder of your Siamese cat. Now you have discovered how captive and unique your cat is. So, spend quality time with this amazing companion and have unlimited chatter. But remember one thing, never leave them alone for too long. Otherwise, your pet will get lonely and depressed. You may even face shredded couches, and torn up toilet paper upon homecoming.

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