Restore Skinny Cats Health

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You need to address the underlying issues, select the right food and figure out what can be possible reason your cat is so skinny. You need to then analyse and devise a meal plan that will boost your skinny cat’s health.

Once you have figured out how much to feed your skinny cat, you need to establish a feeding routine, that is often tough with fussy eaters. Here are few ways how you can make your cat eat properly and gain weight optimally again.

Feed Small and Frequent Meals

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You must realize that the size of your cat’s stomach is only about the size of a table-tennis ball. You cannot force feed your cat too much at a given time. First find out what kind of food your cat likes – wet food or dry food or a mix of both. Then, try feeding a tablespoon of food every two hours. These small and regular meals will be easily digested and will ensure healthy weight gain. These will also be better tolerated than larger meals and your cat might just throw up. If you feed smaller meals, you will get rid of your pet’s habit of throwing up.

Try Warming Up your Cat’s Food

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Cats are known to get stimulated by the smell of their food. Warming up their food can ensure that they can get the aromas that can entice  your cat. All you need to do is to put small portions of your cat’s food in the microwave at the time of feeding her. The optimal temperature for warming should be near their body temperature – 38.5 degrees Celsius.

Offer Snacks in Between Meals

Feeding too much can also be a problem and your cat’s stomach can get heated up. If you want to feed your cat snacks in-between meals, ensure that these snacks are not too heavy, as they will take time to digest and this will discourage your cat to eat proper meals. Healthy snacks, on the contrary, can aid in putting on weight on your cat. You can try feeding high-protein, small bites of dried chicken between each meal.

Relax your Cat and Decrease her Anxiety

If your cat is calm, it means it is happy. Happy cats are more likely to have a better appetite. These are solitary creatures and also solitary eaters and hunters. They prefer to eat their meals without being bothered. You can place your cat’s meal in front of her and leave her alone until she finishes. If your cat is unwell, then too, you should give it some space and solitude. They do not like being hovered over.

Ask your Vet for Appetite-Stimulating Medicines

If all your efforts in trying to restore your skinny cat’s health go in vain, ask your vet for appetite-stimulating medicines. These can be availed from a veterinarian and can helpfully increase your cat’s appetite. After taking the medicines, your cat will feel like eating again. You can also get these medicines in the form of a transdermal patch or gel, so that they can avoid having to eat a pill. 

These are some time-tested ways to restore a skinny cat’s health.

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