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Pet owners out there! Need a good feeder for your pet that’s an ultimate brain teaser as well? If yes, get your hands on this fun bowl feeder. This interactive treat dispenser will let your beloved cat or dog enjoy its treats while offering an interesting playtime to ward off their stress or boredom. The feeder is non-toxic, durable, and convenient to use. Before you decide to take it, check out its other interesting features. 

Fun Bowl Cat Feeder

As a pet owner, you will want your cat or dog to relish its treats while enjoying a great hunting pleasure. This calls for a unique fun feeder like this one that’s designed to create a fun environment for pets whenever they crave treats. Featuring a unique structural design, this feeder holds yummy treats, allowing cats or dogs to hunt on them and eventually enjoy them. 

This amazing treat feeder that is rendered in a ball or tube design is easy to use. Simply remove the adjustable sphere or the covers at both ends and fill the feeder with kibble, mini biscuits, cereal, etc. Reassemble and give the toy feeder to your pet and allow him/her to nuzzle it to fetch the treats. 

Besides letting your pet hunt treats, this fun feeder will keep your dog or cat busy by drawing their attention continuously. This can help a lot when they are alone or in a bad mood. What’s more? The toy feeder stimulates a pet’s senses as it chases it and dispenses the treats. This incredible feeder can also benefit your beloved pal’s dental hygiene.

Made from superior-quality and durable materials, the toy feeder is made to last longer. It is compact, non-toxic, and portable. Keep your pet entertained and busy for hours by giving them this treat-filled feeder.  Replace it with traditional treat bowls and let your pet enjoy solo hours happily! 


Size: 11 x 4.5 cm or 6 x 8.5 cm

Material: ABS, PC Plastic

A hand holding a plastic water bottle

Pros Of Fun Bowl Cat Feeder

  • High-quality and non-toxic feeder.
  • Offers interactive fun environment.
  • Compact, durable, and portable.
  • Relieves stress or anxiety, and combats boredom.
  • Benefits dental health of pets.

Cons Of Fun Bowl Cat Feeder

  • This toy feeder is not for sticky food or wet items


This unique and fun pet feeder helps pet enjoy their treats in a fun and interesting way. The toy feeder draws attention, generates curiosity in pets, and allows pets to keep them busy for hours while munching on their favorite treats. This feeder acts as an interesting pursuing game and relieves boredom and disruptive behavior effectively. It makes them more active and can also benefit their oral health. If you want to keep your cat or dog occupied for hours while you are busy, this treat feeder is a must-have for you.  Something you can use for small biscuits, cereal, cookies, and so on.

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