Pushing Cats And Leg Warmers

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It’s been said that Astrid “Pigeon” Lindberg pushes cats everywhere she goes. That could mean she is a natural leader, but even if she doesn’t use her natural leadership skills, she sure knows how to get the job done! When Pigeon arrived at our house, I had no idea what she planned to do – but she got her job done and then some. She quickly figured out where each of her littermates slept, which enabled her to make the best of our small home.

What Was The Home Base For Astrid And Other Two Cats?

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When Astrid and her two cats decide to live in that tiny space together, Astrid has to find a way to make that space a good refuge for her pets. So one day, she decided to create a comfort zone by putting a cushion on the floor between her cats, forming what she calls her “home base.” That worked well until two cats decided they wanted to be closer to Astrid and decided they wanted to live there too. That creates an annoying problem. Since Astrid has chosen not to chase after them, they will constantly get between her and the cushion, and Astrid has to move the cushion back and forth every time these two cats try to occupy it.

How Was Comfort Zone Advantageous?

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Comfort Zone did solve the problem of two cats wanting to be in the same room. But, when Astrid brings Pigeon into the comfort zone, she may see herself as the boss and push Pigeon out of that comfort zone into her territory. Comfort Zone does work, but Astrid may also start to use her dominance techniques when trying to take a pigeon out of that area. One example might be when Astrid is in the kitchen and Pigeon is in the dining room. Instead of moving Pigeon out of the kitchen and into her own space, Astrid decides she is going to start pushing Pigeon out of the room, and every time Astrid’ asks Pigeon to move, Astrid will push Pigeon out of her own space.

How Astrid Was Using The Comfort Zone?

With Astrid and Pigeon in their new and very familiar comfort zone, Astrid can begin to use her cat dominance push as soon as they are comfortable in their new environment. While many cats will immediately push a cat who is not accustomed to being petted and cuddled, Astrid needs to take her time and make sure Pigeon is used to being petted and stroked. When you start petting and stroking your cat, Astrid will slowly begin to trust you and will come to enjoy being petted and stroked. Once Astrid has come to trust you and understands how to put on her happy face, you can begin training Pigeon by stroking her and petting her. You can also start training your cats by using the comfort zone technique.

Final Thoughts

If Astrid and Pigeon do begin to fight, or even if Astrid does not realize she is biting her kitten, there is no need to take Astrid to the vet. Simply take Astrid to your bathroom and let her soak in the cold water. This will calm her down and make it easier for her to realize that she is hurting her kitten and trying to push her away. Once she learns that you are the boss and that she cannot have the kitten, she will generally stop her aggressive behavior and work toward the affection your kitten needs.

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