Persian Cat Breeds And Characteristics

The Persian has a warm, friendly, and playful personality, with a gentle, laid back disposition. Persian cats make wonderful companions and make wonderful house pets. They are not only known for their beauty, but their intelligence as well.

Meaning Of Their Name

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The word “Posey” is derived from the Persian name “Pav”. In fact, the word actually means “little man”. This is because historically, Persians used to shave their faces. The beard was called “haji”, or head scarf. Today, the beard is replaced by facial hair, but the meaning remains the same.

The word “hare” in Persian literally means “mane”. A long-haired Persian cat can weigh anywhere from twenty-five to thirty-five pounds, with males averaging twenty pounds. Females can be quite compact, weighing anywhere from four to five pounds.

The color of a Persian cat will vary according to the markings on the coat. Generally, most Persian cats are matted and dense, with a few having very fine hair. Persian cats may appear wrinkled or “crowned” at times, but this is purely cosmetic.

Unique Grooming Habits

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One characteristic that sets these cats apart from other breeds is their somewhat unique grooming habits. In fact, when a pet owner brushes his or her cat’s coat, the animal will almost certainly stand up and pay attention to the person. When this happens, the owner may hear the cat making a purring noise. It is truly a deep, musical howl. Even though it may sound like a small thing, purring is an indication that the cat enjoys being petted.

Another obvious trait of the Persian cat is its amazing ability to detect prey. Their eyes are highly sensitive, and they will move their head as though scrying prey from the air. They will perform a very quick double take when they see another moving in front of them. Even at a distance, they have an incredible ability to follow their quarry. When pursuing prey, the Persian simply lopes along, like a horse. This is why tracking birds has become such an important job for breeders.

One of the things that set Persian cats apart from other breeds is their longevity. They can live for up to fifteen years on the hunt. Some Persian cats have been known to outlive their owners! They have an extremely keen sense of smell, which is useful in getting rid of foxes and other animals that may try to harm them. Their voice is also quite strong, which is helpful in breaking into dens or hiding places.

Consider Siamese Cat

If you want a cat that will keep its mind occupied, yet not get bored, consider adding a Siamese cat to your family. Siamese is very active and intelligent, but not too boisterous. They are very protective of their family and will not hesitate to fight with another living creature. They have a sweet disposition and enjoy playing and sharing affection with humans. The great thing about a Siamese is that they can be taught to speak, which will make for a delightful family pet.

Last Words

When you are considering purchasing a Persian cat, you must consider its characteristics. Make sure that you learn as much about the breed as possible before making your final decision. Persian cats can truly be the most beautiful cat breed, but they are also a little rough around the edges. If you are ready for this type of cat, then look into purchasing one. If you are not, then you may want to look into other types of cats that are available.

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