Older Cats Health Issues You Should Learn About To Protect Them

older cats health issues

If you’re an ardent animal lover, chances are you probably have a pet or two at home, and one of those pets might inevitably be a cat since their riveting charm and blinding cuteness is almost impossible to resist! As our furry friends grow, so does our unconditional love for them, and we only want to give them the best care possible. However, like humans, all animals are also faced with common illnesses and we will be focusing on health issues for older cats. Therefore, some of them are as follows. This article contains information on the various health issues faced by older cats.

Older Cats Health Issues – Diabetes Mellitus

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Diabetes Mellitus is one of the most common illnesses faced by overweight and/or sedentary cats that are aging and beginning to slow down, sometimes even with the dimming of their cognitive functions. This condition causes their blood sugar levels to rise and insulin vaccines are usually injected to regulate the blood sugar levels. Cats will need this injection for the rest of their lives if their pancreas burns out, otherwise, the treatments are only temporary until the blood sugar levels return to a normal rate.

Older Cats Health Issues – Hyperthyroidism

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Hyperthyroidism is caused when the metabolic rate is unevenly and rapidly sped up due to over-activeness which causes extensive symptoms like that of vomiting, diarrhea, intense weight loss, and a duller coat in comparison with lustrous ones. If spotted early and treated, the metabolic rate can return to normal and cats live for longer years. However, if left untreated, it may affect the cats’ organs to a great extent.

Older Cats Health Issues – Renal Disease

Older cats are more prone to diseases that affect their kidneys due to the changes in their body that occur due to aging. These issues with their kidneys result in ineffective filtration of excreta within their body, causing a block in the bloodstream and digestive system. These conditions are irreversible and continue to slowly become more prominent, thereby affecting the health of cats substantially. However, even though these diseases cannot be treated completely, if symptoms are spotted at very early stages, following a diet plan according to the health condition of the cat can help increase its life expectancy.


A person having a pet is proved to be happier than a person who does not. We keep learning from our pets every day, they teach loyalty, teach spreading love and being with someone unconditionally. A pet animal can be a dog, a cat, a parrot, a pig and some tend to pet a lion. Pets provide an immense amount of emotional comfort and keep us occupied and happy, therefore it is only right that we do our part and take care of them the best way we know how by taking them to regular checkups all year round, feeding them only the best of food available, keeping them clean and well-groomed, and last but definitely not the least, showering them with as much love and affection as possible.

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