Old Cats Behaviour – How To Study And Take Care

Older Cats Behaviour

Pets are essential parts of our lives; we need to take care of them just like babies. We need to check the old cat’s behaviour to detect any trouble. As your cat grows up, it doesn’t remain an energetic kitten anymore. They may not appear unless you get them checked by a vet. You have to understand what to look for when your cat gets old. They live up to 10-15 years and you need to take care of them at their fragile age. We will discuss here what are the behaviours that can indicate to you if you need to take extra care of your pet.

Cats are very independent animals, although they need to be taken care of too. There are diseases that affect cats as they grow old.

Old Cats Behaviour And Their Aging Process

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Cats usually live up to 10-15 years but they can reach their senior stage at the age of 7. It can be a little unusual to accept as they have almost half of their age to live. Let’s understand how they age according to the human ageing process. When a cat is 1 year old, its human age is 14 years and in the second year it gets 6 years older. After that with every passing year it keeps ageing 4 years older based on human age. Therefore, it is important to understand the biological changes your cat is going through when it’s old.

Common Old Cats Behaviour And Problems

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Owners of older cats often face some common type of problems. Most of the cats have similar issues like, arthritis, weak vision, hearing problems, dementia, obesity etc. The diseases are not just limited to that, they can also suffer kidney problems, diabetes, thyroid, liver failure, cancer etc. It is very necessary to help your pet who has been through thick and thin with you. They are voiceless hence you need to understand what is bothering them to reduce their sufferings. You must keep brushing their coat to check their skin health. Check up their mouth to detect any gum issues or feline teeth problems. Feline Teeth problems can cause the teeth to dissolve at the root, this means your cat is under a lot of pain.

Everything You Can Do To Fix Old Cats Behaviour

It is not very difficult to treat and understand the problems. Just as humans face chronic diseases in their lifetime, old cats too face the same problems. So, it is important that you and your cat gets all the nutrients and vitamins from the food. Feed your cat right if you want to avoid all the health problems later as she grows old. If she already has arthritis, don’t make her jump and climb to reach her water bowl. She would prefer remaining thirsty than climbing stairs.


Cats might not express what they are feeling, but you can surely read the signs. For instance if they are pawing their eye, so the trouble is in the eye.

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