Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World (Pt I) -

Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World (Pt I)

Cats are very cute creatures and everyone can agree with that. But sometimes one of the things that makes them different is their price a breed and it can be a challenge owning one. Here are some of the most expensive cat breeds that are available for you to have, given that you can afford them.


Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World (Pt I)
Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World (Pt I)

The Ashera is very expensive because its breed is extremely rare. It costs up to $125,000. A Los-Angeles firm can only produce 5 of these breeds annually. So if you’re one of its owners, consider yourself very fortunate, only if you can afford its astronomical price. Ashera cats usually resemble a snow leopard due to its pattern. Additionally, they are loyal to their owner. They are also very affectionate and highly intelligent.  That makes the Ashera the most prized cat in the world.


The Bengal cat costs up to $25,000 and despite it looks like a wild cat, it’s domesticated. Their breed was produced between domestic shorthairs and wild Asian leopard cat. They can be a fun pet, but their endless curiosity can be catastrophic sometimes as they tend to jump into things like chandeliers, aquariums, light switches, etc. They are extremely playful and very energetic cats. Furthermore, they are dog and child-friendly.


Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World (Pt I)
Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World (Pt I)

Persian cats are known for their luxurious long hairs and mush faces. They cost around $5,000. Historical pieces of evidence claim that this breed can be traced down even before Christ. These cats are playful in nature. They enjoy cuddling and physical contact, though they are not vocal in it. Taking care of this breed requires lots of attention as their coats are very prone to tangling and hairballs. The breed is not just white. They come in various colors


Peterbalds are Russian breeds that were produced between the mating of a Russian Donskoy and Oriental Shorthair. They cost around $5,000. They are very smart and affectionate. Their build is muscular but it is best to handle them with care especially around kids since their skin is highly sensitive and this breed is very susceptible to sunburns since they have little to no fur.


Despite the name ‘Sphynx’, they did not originate in Egypt but in Canada. This breed is excellent because they are not prone to diseases. Also, what made their hairlessness was because of some natural genetic mutation. Nevertheless, it made them healthy and strong. They cost around $3,000. They are very playful and loyal. Additionally, they are fond of socializing with other animals and people, but they are not comfortable outside. You just need to bathe them frequently since their body oils tend to pile up.


Savannah cats came from a hybrid between a Persian cat and an African serval cat. They could range up to $50,000 depending on the classification and age. Moreover, Savannah has five types – F1 to F5. For example, F5 cats are 11% serval. These cats are like dogs for their extreme loyalty. They are also extremely active and they are able to jump at high places like refrigerators, chandeliers, or the like. Additionally, when taught at an early age, these cats can be very sociable to other people and animals. These breed of cats demand lots of exercise since they need it.

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