List Of 6 Most Exotic Cat Breeds

exotic cat breeds

You may call yourself a cat lover, but do you know some popular exotic cats globally? There are just a number of cats not only in India but all around the world that will make your love for cats grow stronger than ever. Exotic pets are the largest diverse group of animals that range from betta fish to Bengal tigers, and exotic cats are one of them. Nowadays, cats are the number one choice as a household pet in the world, and why not? People like them because they need a small place to live and also do not eat a lot.

So if you are someone who has interested in learning everything about exotic cats, then here you will see the list of exotic cat breeds in the world that will make your day.

Most Exotic Cat Breeds In The World

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Egyptian Mau

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The Egyptian Mau cat is considered to be one of the oldest cat breeds all over the world. These cats are very closely related to the felines who kept the pharaoh’s company during ancient Egypt. These types of cats are very expensive, graceful, and intelligent as well. The Egyptian Mau is one of the most popular exotic cat breeds around the world.

Japanese Bobtail

This type of cat breed is something like Egyptian Mau that has lived in Japan for centuries. These types of exotic cat breeds are known as bobtails because their tails are stubby bobs and short, just like rabbits have. Japanese bobtails are love attention from strangers and very friendly, and they are very active and vocal as well.


The Manx cat has no tail, and their legs are longer on the backside as compare to the front that makes them look like they hope while walking. These cats are known for being very playful and gentle. They are also quite picky about who they like.


Bengal cats are breeds to appear like a little tiger and typically have good personalities that match with their look. They get their patterns like tigers from the Asian jungle cat, one of the ancestors used to make the exotic breeds. This Bengal cat is only found in specialized cat breeds.

Dragon Li

The dragon li is one of the rarest cat breeds that lived in America, with just four registered cats in the whole country. In China, the Dragon Li cat breed is one of the oldest and very famous breeds in the nation. These types of cats are very good mousers and one of the most intelligent exotic cats in the world. They are very gentle around people.

Havana Brown

This cat is the only breed of entirely brown cat, and they come among the most unusual exotic cat breeds. More than usual, these cats have brown paws and noses as well. These cats are very gentle, extremely friendly, and affectionate too.

You have read about the most exotic cat breeds that you can buy and keep it at your home as a pet. If you nurture them the right way, then they will surely be your best friend.

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