Less Talked Facts About Neutered Cats Behaviour That You Should Know As A Cat Owner

neutered cats behaviour

IntroductionJust got your cat neutered? No wonder it can be a little stressful for you as well. At the same time, if your cat is behaving a little different, it’s totally fine. Neutering cats have become very popular amongst pet owners as it makes them healthier and well-behaved. The surgery might seem a little stressful to both you as well as your little cat. But there’s nothing to worry about. Also, neutered cats behavior tends to change for some time post-surgery. Taking proper care of your neutered cat is very crucial.

Since doctors use anesthesia, your cat is most likely to be drowned in the after-effects of it. Neutered cats behaviour can vary from cat to cat. Now, it becomes your responsibility to treat them with as much affection and care as possible. Think about it; your furry friend just got a surgery done and needs you! This article covers all aspects related to neutered cats behaviour and how to take proper care of them post the surgery.

Changes In Neutered Cats Behaviour

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Neutered cats are very likely to take the anesthesia with them from the doctors for quite some hours or days. It is one major cause that gets reflected in neutered cats behavior. The doctors might also apply an ointment on the eyes of your cat, which makes their vision blurry. All this can frustrate your cat, making him get panic attacks and aggressive mood swings from time to time. Your sweet little cat might even feel like scratching and biting. But you don’t have to worry a lot. It happens with all neutered cats behavior. This kind of behavioral change is most likely to disappear within 24 hours, after which you’ll get your lovely cat back! So, your neutered cat might behave differently, but it is very natural. Just continue to caress them till the time they get back to normal.

Neutered Cats Behaviour And Medication

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Neutered cats behaviour is bound to change. However, if the owners observe that their cat is going through many discomforts, they might get prompted to give them pain relievers. So, is that right or not? Well, if the behavioral changes are very severe, giving pain relievers is an option. But it must be confirmed by the vet before taking any such action. Neutered cats behaviour is likely to alter because of the discomfort and soreness caused by the surgery or injections.

Since the cats are already high on drugs, using strong pain relievers can even prove fatal. This is why consulting the vet becomes very important. The pain of your cat would most likely end after 24 hours or at most 48 hours. Till then, you must take proper care of your friend. Also, avoid giving any pain-relieving drugs as much as possible.

Things You Should Do As An Owner

After such an intense surgery, your pet needs a friend more than an owner. Neutered cats behaviour changes drastically, which makes them yearn for your affection even more. First of all, you need to make little alterations in your cat’s eating habits. After reaching home, I give him a very small amount of water. It is because you would not want to make him vomit.

Further, try to reduce his diet to only 1/4th of the normal intake. After this, he must not Ibe given anything to eat for the whole day. The changes in neutered cats behaviour might induce them not to eat anything. So, try to get them to eat some food, even if in a very small quantity.

Another important thing is to monitor your pet’s washroom habits. You must check that there is only a minimal amount of blood in cats urine. If the blood continues to bleed for more than two days, you need to get your cat checked. Other than this, you must make sure that your cat doesn’t engage in physical activities like running or climbing stairs etc. Your pet will get a lot better soon if you support him during these difficult times!


This article contains all major changes that come in neutered cats behaviour. It might annoy or worry you a bit, but you need to be strong enough and help your pet go through this phase. We hope this article provided you with insights into how you can help your furry friend get over these neutered cat behaviour changes.

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