It Comes in a Comfortable Fabric That Will Keep Your Pet Suitable for All Seasons! a Healthy Protection

Do you want to give a comfortable life to your pet? Do you want to train them well? Then we have the solution for you. One product and multiple benefits. Training help in building confidence in your pets. It also helps in building human-animal bonds and provides mental stimulation strength. Mental stimulation is helpful for a dog’s well-being. Dogs are always learning. It’s never too late to start their training. Comfortable mats is a precious gift for your pets it provides a sense of accomplishment and provides a method to communicate with the four-legged family member. It all depends upon you how you nurture your pet.

So our product can help your pet in many things. Let us dig more details about the product.    

Training Mat/ Blanket For Dogs 

Our heart smiles when our pets are happy. And happy pets are disease-free as well. Our training mat for dogs can be used for many purposes. You can use this to train your dog; you can use this mat as a blanket for your dog; also, you can use it as a sleeping blanket. The mat is made up of polyester material which is comfortable for your pets. You can use this mat in all seasons, and it provides healthy protection to your pet. This mat comes in many vibrant colors, which will attract your pet and it can enjoy to its fullest. The mat also trains your dog’s sense of smell. They will sniff their mat and can rest on this mat. The vibrant colors of the mat promote the curiosity of your pets, which is crucial for healthy pets. The size of the mat is quite huge, about 45x 45 cm. 

I hope that you love your pet so much. So what have you really been waiting for, go grab your mat right now?   


Brand Name: GoldCister  

Wash Style: Hand wash 

Feature: Other 

Pattern: Floral 

Model Number: Pet Sniffing Pad

Item Type: Bed Mats 

Material: Other

Weight: 200g


  • Affordable product.
  • It improves the sniffing power of your pets.
  • The weight of the mat is only 200 g, so you can keep it anywhere. 
  • You don’t need special devices for washing this mat; a simple hand wash is sufficient.
  • It saves your pets from harmful insects in the monsoon season. 
  • You can use it any season. 


  • Washing it with hands is sometimes tiring, but this doesn’t require regular washing.   


Gift your pets this adorable mat cum blanket and see them happy and growing. Grab it now for the special offers. 

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