Introduction to Ragdoll Cat Breed And Its Characteristics

Ragdoll Cat Breeds

Ragdoll cat breed is one of the famous cat species available as pets to people. But before having it as a pet, we should know about its food habits, maintenance, cost lifespan, and more. So let’s get started with it.

Ragdoll Cat, scientific name

Cost And Maintenance Of Ragdoll Cat Breed

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The Ragdoll cat is not a cat to buy at a cheap rate. The price ranges from $400-$20000 depending upon the quality of the fur. A Ragdoll Cat typically lives for 15 years, and the maintenance is relatively low. One has to comb the fur regularly, and it’s done. The coat is quite silky; hence there Is not much problem. They are also significantly adjusting and friendly with people. So they are a great companion to engage with.

What To Feed The Ragdoll Cat Breed

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Ragdoll cat breed requires a fair amount of protein and vitamins in their diet. Most of the time, owners feed them with whatever junk they eat, and as a result, the cat falls sick. So a well-curated diet is required. Moreover, a well-planned diet would cut the monotony of the same food. The best food to give to your ragdoll breed cat is meat. Give it some raw fish, fresh meat, and also home-cooked meals on an occasional basis. Something which you should always keep in mind is avoiding giving cereals to the cat. The less the cereal quantity, the more beneficial it would be for the cat’s diet.

Facts About Pet Parenting

It is essential to note that once we adopt or buy an animal or bird as our pet, it is ultimately our responsibility to take care of it. Moreover, we should consider them as a part of our family. Most people basically own pets for their amusement and neglect the pets’ health and useful life. Once the craze goes off, these people abandon these animals, and ultimately, their fate gets horrible. So please ask yourself whether you are actually ready to become a pet parent.


In this busy world, we all need someone to hold on to, and most of the time, we do not want to disturb others’ busy schedules. In these cases, pets can always be our savior, our best friend, our companion, and our comfort zone. So if you are also looking for someone whom you can take care of, someone who would love you unconditionally and will be your stress buster, then what are you waiting for? Go and get a pet now! And nothing is better than a Ragdoll cat breed if you’re a cat lover.

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