Interesting Facts About Large Cat Breeds

large cat breeds

Large cat breeds have a way of luring people into making bad decisions. They are just that large! Imagine how much room you would save by not having to keep endless plastic food bowls on the kitchen countertop. Or how about the time you save by not having to wash dishes out of your sink? Cats make great family pets but are often overlooked in regards to health care needs and personality.

One of the things people tend to forget is that cats do not come with an average weight limit. Cats can be anywhere from twenty-one to seventy-five pounds in weight, so weight gain is not a universal trait. And personality can also vary widely depending on the individual. Here is a fun fact that may surprise you…

Large Cat Breeds

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The heaviest feline living in the United States is the Maine Coon. These large cat breeds typically weigh between eight and ten pounds at full maturity. Males average around seven pounds, and females reach full maturity at nine pounds. Maine Coons has thick coats that are almost black in color.

American Shairyuan

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American Shairyuan is another one of the many large cat breeds. While the coat of this breed tends to be sandy in color, there are some who like the more grey or silver-blue shairyans. American Shairyuan is an ideal pet for families that do not have many large cat breeds to accommodate. These cats tend to do better in families that already have a number of other pets, such as other cats or dogs.

Siamese cats

Siamese cats are perhaps the most recognized large cat breeds in the world. The classic Siamese look is almost impossible to replicate, so many people prefer to own an original to share their home with. Siamese cats usually require much grooming, which is why they are often found in households with children and other pets.

Although they require a great deal of grooming, Siamese cats are affectionate by nature. They love to play and spend much of their time snuggling with a human friend or playing with a toy. These cats can live for many years, but they are very playful and will need plenty of exercise on a daily basis. If you want a cat that will remain small and under control, then this is definitely the breed for you.

Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is also popular. This is a breed that was created to mimic a cat from the Faroe Islands. The Norwegian Forest Cat is very beautiful and sturdy, although the long, silky coat is not easy to maintain. This breed does very well in homes where there are other cat breeds to keep the indoor environment comfortable.

No matter what your choice, you will definitely enjoy having a large selection of domestic cats to play with, swim with, and cuddle with. Each breed has its own personality that will add to the pleasure of having a pet. Once you have chosen the domestic cat that fits your lifestyle, you should discuss the best way to maintain the breed in good health.

One interesting fact about these cats is that they will gulp down a full-grown water dish in less than a day. If you purchase a male Chihuahua, then you should prepare to feed him for eight to ten pounds at a time. Females can be fed for up to twelve pounds. A male can consume around half a pound of food per day, while a female can eat twice that much. This is an important fact to know, as many people believe that domesticated cats are lazy pets that do not require much attention.

Interesting Fact

Another interesting fact about this cat breed is that it is one of two varieties found in the domestic cat family. The other variety, the British Shorthair, shares its color and markings with the Himalayan White Cat but is smaller at the head and has a white coat that is heavier than the British shorthair. A Serval cat is somewhere between the size of a standard American cat and the Oriental Miniature Cat in terms of weight. Their distinctive-looking coat makes them unique, and they are also somewhat slower growing than their American counterparts.

A Serval cat can reach up to fifteen pounds in weight, which makes them the largest of all domesticated cats. The only reason that these cats are not considered large in comparison to other breeds is due to their short tail. The long tail of a Serval allows them to walk with ease over the snow or grass, as well as to be agile in their activity and climbing. It is important to note, though, that Servals do need a good amount of physical exercise on a regular basis. Their short coats require plenty of cleaning, so a visit to the groomer once a month will ensure they look their best.

Bottom Line

The last interesting fact about this breed is that they possess a strong and adventurous personality. They can be very amiable and affectionate but can also be reserved and aloof. The most common behavior problem that domestic cats have, however, is a lack of proper grooming, which leads to the habit of scratching furniture or other surfaces inside and outside of the house. This behavior problem can be eliminated by ensuring the cat has an adequate amount of grooming supplies on hand.

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