How To Recognize Your Cat Is Sick

A cat sitting on top of a grass covered field

You all know that cats are related to tigers and come from the same species, so they have similar traits. Therefore, you all know cats are wild animals, and their nature is to hunt and protect themselves from other animals. Therefore, being predators, they do not show any sign of illness when they get sick to avoid other predators attacking them. Therefore, it is difficult for you to know if your cat is sick or not, as they will show signs when they get incredibly sick. However, some veterinarians provide cats with training to show some symptoms and can even check cats regularly. Therefore as their owner, it becomes your duty to get a complete body check-up of your cat twice a year, so you can recognize and cure any disease in your cat. Therefore, if you are a cat owner, and you are getting some signs or want to know about signs if your cat is ill or not, then scroll down to our guide on how to recognize your cat is sick. We have gathered all the information from trusted institutes and experts so you can trust our information.

Symptoms Of Sick Cat

A close up of a cat looking at the camera

All day, your cat is roaming and swinging around your house, climbing over everything, and if you do not notice any such activity, you need to check your cat. The usual behavior you can observe in a cat when they are such is they will become quiet and sit at the same place. You can even detect a symptom of any illness with your cat’s tail position. If you want to check if your cat is dehydrated, check their skin or shoulder blades by pulling it. If the skin gets back into its place, then your cat is hydrated, but if it creates any folds, your cat is dehydrated so provide them water. The typical symptom of chronic disease is weight loss; however, they lose weight slowly, but you can feel and observe it.

Energy level; Signs Of Sick Cat

A cat lying on the grass

The symptoms depend on the type of cat and breed, but their energy becomes low after getting sick. You can observe a cat sitting in one place and always hiding and not exposing herself. However, some cats become angry and want more attention when they get. The typical sign is they get tired frequently, and they do not feel energized every time. Some diseases make your cat overactive, and they become restless and start howling late at night.

Signs In Litter box

If your cat has diarrhea and constipation, you can check their litter box and see how many times they have littered. Your cat may get hard and dry stools, which shows the sign of constipation and kidney disease. Your cat may urinate less or more in some chronic diseases, which can be a vital sign for any illness.


Lastly, cats are animals, they can only show signs, and sometimes they may not, so as an owner, you have to keep an eye on them and get a regular check-up to keep your cat healthy and safe.

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