How To Keep A Cat Healthy And Fit

healthy kitten food

Healthy Kitten Foods Required

Cats require to have proper nutrients and in order to have all the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, fats they must have meat in their diet. It is perfectly acceptable to let your cat feed a commercial dry or wet food. Many cats love to have fish but one should always know that it is not an acceptable food for daily feeding.

While enjoying your scrumptious snack lying on the sofa, you may have a thought of giving your kitten a bit from your snack but instantly you hesitate by juggling with your thought, to give or not to give. Wait, human foods can be perfectly safe for your cats. Infact, some of the groceries could actually be good for them. 

  • FISH :- Wherein feeding fish on daily basis to kittens is not acceptable but when you are feeding them with fish it’s better to feed him tuna, mackerel or any other oily fish which will provide benefit to his eyesight, joints and brain.
  • MEAT :- Meat is a natural option for your little one. But remember to feed him cooked meat. Skip meats that are high in sodium as because too much salt can be harmful to cats.
  • RICE :- It is not a necessary part of the diet of your little carnivore but small amount of rice won’t harm your cat. If he or she is suffering from any digestive related issue then rice can be a helpful food to be consumed.
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Of course, these foods can be given to your little kitten sometimes and not on a regular basis. Cats have special nutritional needs that cannot be only met by feeding human food regularly. Cats are obligate carnivores, which mean they must have the amino acids in their diet.

Kittens are required to be introduced specially formulated kitten food when they are 3 weeks old. Once the kitten is weaned, kitten food can be introduced to them.

Following are the best healthy dry foods that are to be given to the kittens for their consumption. But remember, dry kitten food should be consumed within two months of opening the package. 

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This kitten dry food is prepared with chicken, brown rice and fish oil. This food is designed for the kittens upto one year of age as well as for the cats who are pregnant or nursing.


Turkey and chicken are the first in this tasty kibble for kittens. The recipe includes DHA, Omega -3 fatty acids  from fish oil to promote brain development.


This dry kitten food is a must for your growing kitten. It is a high protein designed for growing kittens which includes taurine, vitamins and minerals.


Deboned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal and deboned cod are the main ingredients in this dry kitten food. The combination of poultry and fish provides animal based protein that is required for the kitten and cats for their perfect growth.

End Note

For all the cats, constant availability of fresh and clean water is very important. Be it human or any animal, water is necessary for keeping the body hydrated. So, besides providing healthy kitten food to your little carnivore one should always keep good attention to the canned foods too. Fresh and healthy kitten food will help your little one to intake right amount of minerals, proteins, fats and minerals for their development

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