Here Are The Best Cat Breeds For First Time Feline Owners

best cat breeds

Cats are among the most popular pets in the world. Although there are owners who believe that cats don’t show much affection, that’s not true. Whatever it is, there are more than 80 million cats on this planet. So, if you are planning to get one, then you must explore some of the best cat breeds.

Before that, turn a deaf ear to all those who say that cats don’t enjoy the company of humans. Next, stick to the belief that they are tiny purrfect babies and you would enjoy every moment with them. 

Maine Coons

A cat sitting on top of a tree

Cats from the Maine Coons breed are known for their big size. But, don’t be scared. They have a friendly personality which you cannot resist. Moreover, at times you might feel that you own a dog because they are amiable.

So, no matter wherever you go, you will have your Maine Coons cat beside you. In fact, they don’t need much attention.

American Shorthairs

A cat sitting on top of each other

How can we forget American Shorthairs when we are talking about the best cat breeds? This breed is known for its long lifespans. Therefore, be sure that they are going to make the best companion for your kids. Also, if you have a dog, then having an American Shorthair won’t be much of a trouble. Lastly, these fluffy angels don’t need high maintenance.

Scottish Folds

Yes, they are the ultimate furballs! But importantly, this breed is more of an elite choice for you. They have large eyes that give them their exotic looks. Also, it’s their folded ears that give them their name. A fact about this breed is that they can die for human affection. 

They remain super obsessed with their owners and weigh in between 9 to 12 pounds. 


Among the best cat breeds, Persians are the most popular ones. Well, it’s not only because of their beautiful looks, but also their adorable personalities. However, Persians take some time to adjust to their new environment. But, once they settle down, they are going to take up all their homely comfort. Just remember that you have to take care and timely brush them.


What makes a Birman conspicuous is their distinctive blue eyes. Not only that, but their brown nose also adds to their sweet looks. Although they come in a variety of colours, they are mostly born white. As they grow up, they start developing multi-hued fur. Coming to their personality, Birmans remain quiet and can easily gel up with anyone. 


The thing about the best cat breeds is that they all are just Purrfect. Importantly, cats go well with adults as well as children. If you want, they will also sleep on your lap. But sometimes, you might have to carry them like babies. So, be ready for that.

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