Health Benefits of Cats Claws Surgery

health benefits of cats claw

There are health benefits of cats claw or the feline immunodeficiency virus, which is sometimes referred to as the FIV, that should be known by every cat owner. The claw is the longest and strongest organ of the body, allowing it to catch small objects and prey, as well as claws of prey and birds. Sharp claws are also beneficial in helping the cat navigate its way through the dense forests of south America. It uses its claws to break and clamber along the surface of the ground. And when it feels threatened or has an urge to defend itself, it lashes out with its claws in a rapid motion to bring down whatever is attempting to harm it.

An Overview

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Claw injury can result in broken bones, muscle spasms, soft tissue lesions and severe pain, depending upon the severity of the damage. Left untreated, this type of injury can cause death if not treated early enough. This is why it is vital that you know the health benefits of cats claw even if your cat is not experiencing any clinical problems currently. This can help you know what treatment options to pursue if your cat was ever diagnosed with cancer, HIV, or any other disease that requires extensive medical treatment.

One of the many health benefits of cats claw is the role it plays in your cat’s innate immune system. The injured claw provides the body with the minerals and vitamins that it needs to produce antibodies and protect itself from disease. Without these substances, the immune system becomes unable to fight disease. In most cases, the immune system remains effective for the first several days following a wound healing, but the system begins to weaken over time due to the body’s inability to make enough antibodies. These deficiencies result in lowered white blood cell counts, a lower count of lymphocytes, and a decreased ability to fight infections.

Benefits Of Cat’s Claw Surgery

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Cat’s Claw has also been known to have an anti-inflammatory effect on cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Chemotherapy makes the body become inflamed as a treatment to kill cancer cells. While some forms of chemotherapy actually destroy healthy cells, cats claw has been shown to aid in the repair of damaged cells and the production of new cells. It has also been proven to be effective in preventing the spread of cancer. All of these actions help improve the overall health of the patient and prevent further health complications. If chemotherapy is administered for an extended period of time, the possibility of systemic infections increases as well.

Inflammation is also one of the key benefits of your cat’s claws. It helps in relieving joint pain and other body aches and pains caused by rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, and gout. Because it helps to control the body’s response to stress and infectious agents, cat claws may help reduce the duration and severity of such conditions. They may also prevent the re-occurrence of the condition when it has already been treated. However, you should keep in mind that your cat’s immune system may be affected if it is exposed to too much stress, which can cause it to produce antibodies against the body’s own tissues and organs.

The immune system is directly connected to the fight against herpes virus. A cat with an injured claw or painful nails is more likely to develop an illness such as colds and the flu. Herpes spreads through contact with an infected individual. In animals like dogs and cats, the herpes virus can be passed from the pet to an individual during non-sexual activity.

In The End

Lastly, cats with rheumatoid arthritis are at a higher risk of developing cancer. The disease causes the formation of antibodies. These antibodies attack normal tissue in the body, encouraging the growth of cells that are cancerous. This may help explain why some cat owners have noticed a recent trend of tumors developing in cats with rheumatoid arthritis.

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