Friendliest Cat Breeds – All You Need To Know About Those Friendly Cat Breeds

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When looking for your feline’s perfect match you might come across some surprises. There is a lot that you need to consider before bringing any cats into your home. The friendliest cat breeds tend to share some similar characteristics. These cat breeds tend to be referred to as “dominant” because they tend to dominate their surroundings. These friendly cat breeds tend to be referred to as “cat-loving” cats because of their tendency to love and be around people.

Cats of the Burmese breed are considered to be one of the friendliest cat breeds on the planet. This particular breed tends to be very loving and loyal and have been regarded throughout history as very affectionate towards humans. Many kitties end up spending most of their time in someone else’s lap and because of their nature as bond-loving lap cats, this is not a trait that will easily go out of the bag.

Considering Points To Buy Cat Breeds

A close up of a cat

If you are thinking of bringing a cat into your home there are several things to consider before making that big decision. For one, there are several different types of personality that are characteristic of different breeds. You need to consider which personality type best fits your lifestyle, as well as the personalities of the other pets in your household. Most Burmese pets tend to be very affectionate towards their owners and very protective of their owners. If you are not willing to protect your friends, they can often be quite aggressive towards other pets or children. Because of their strong, friendly personality, Burmese cats tend to be popular pets in households with other pets.

The Friendliest Cat Breeds

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Some other popularly known as friendly toward people and friendly toward animals, Shih Tzu is a very popular choice for pets. They are also very popular pets in households with children as they are very good with children who get along well with them. In fact, most Shih Tzu’s that is bred in pet stores have a very good temperament and because of their friendly nature, many families choose them as pet’s for kids. Shih Tzus that is bred specifically for pets is very friendly toward people but don’t mix up too much with other family members as they tend to be quite territorial. If you do decide to mix your Shih Tzu in with other family members, you need to be aware that they can be quite temperamental and sometimes overly jealous.

Another characterizing trait of the Friendliest Cat Breeds is their size. This is because the characterizes them as lap cats. When you are looking for the friendliest cat breeds, make sure that you look at the size of the cat. Cats love to be petted and cuddled and the bigger they are, the more they will enjoy being petted and loved.

The third characterizing trait of the Friendliest Cat Breeds is their small size and the third characterizing trait of the Friendliest Cat Breeds is their loyalty. Cats are truly loyal to those who are considered their own. If you have a cat and consider it your best friend, then you are surely not wrong. Many people prefer cats over dogs as they are said to be more friendable than dogs. Cats are said to be the friendliest cat breeds because they are quite independent and because they are quite protective.

Characterizing Traits Of The Cats

One of the main characterizing traits of the Friendliest Cat Breeds is their long legs and this is what makes them the friendliest breed of all. You can spot many of them walking around the house or around the mall in their very cute little leggings. The long legs of the somali also helps in them skipping over small obstacles such as wall corners which make them jump really high. These somalis come in two different colors. There are the shaded somali and the light colored somali.

The fifth characterizing trait of the Friendliest Cat Breeds is their great cuddles. If ever there was a perfect animal to cuddle and hug and to be friends with, it would have to be the cuddly little cuddles of the Burmese. Cuddling with the Burmese is like hugging a baby seal! 


Most of the time these cute little animals are affectionate towards humans but there were reports about the Burmese occasionally being aggressive toward people when in the wild. However, they are still considered to be friendly toward most people.

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