Everything That You Need To Know On The Characteristics Of Big Cats

characteristics of big cats

Have you ever wondered about knowing the characteristics of big cats? Meticulously speaking, the big cats belong to the genus Panthera. Not only this category of cats are big in size but also has the capability to roar loud. Well, your curiosity about the characteristics of big cats is covered here in this article. Therefore let us begin our search with-

The Characteristics Of Big Cats- The Tiger

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Well, this species finds its native place in Asian countries and is the largest of all the cat family.

Characteristics of Tiger:

Without a question, tigers are to be blamed for the significant number of human deaths than any of the big cats in the wild.

In addition, several species of tigers have gone endangered while some are in the critical stage.

Tiger stands first, where a lion stands second in terms of size and weight compared to a tiger. For instance, a Siberian tiger weighs around 800 pounds and is 11ft tall.

Next, Is The Leopard And Jaguar

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Though they are a bit look alike, they live their life half a world apart-

Characteristics of these bigs cats(Leopards) share-

Leopards are the smallest of the cat family and are native to Asia and Africa.

Their average weight is 90-120 pounds, which is significantly less compared to the lion and the tiger.

To be precise leopards do not have a dot at the center of the circle on their coat termed as ‘rosettes’.

Characteristics of these big cats (Jaguar) share-

The jaguar is native to central and south_America. They however once found in the United States.

They are larger than leopards with an average weight to be 200-265 pounds.

As per the coat, we can often find, black jaguars, due to melanism genes.

This breed is a bit stouter with a round-shaped head, smaller ears, and eyes, and has a fuller cheek.

Characteristics Of Big Cats, Your Next Big Cat Is The Lion

The king of the jungle belongs from Africa and a small part of India.

Characteristics of big cats: The Lion-

Well, it is the distinctive big cat, with a shaggy mane for an adult male lion.

This category of big cats shows friendly nature and represents complicated pride energy.

Inexctness, a pride of lions believes in hunting together and sharing responsibilities in raising their cubs.

Lastly, the king of the jungle comes with the longest larynx, hence can produce the largest roar among all in the big cat family.

More On The Characteristics Of Big Cats

In 2008, the snow leopard was moved to the Panthera genus, however, this notion is very controversial.

Both black leopard and black jaguar collectively being called a black panther.

These 4 big cats have only the capacity to produce loud roars.

However, the snow leopard does not have the ability to produce a roar.


Well, these are some of the interesting characteristics of big cats that you know now. After coming to the end you might have gained a lot of new knowledge about this big feline family which certainly gives you a better general knowledge. I hope you find solid use of this information in imparting lessons to the next generation of your family. Happy learning fellas.

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