Everything About Calico Cat Characteristics And Breeds

calico cats characteristics

Love cats? About to get one? But, there are a number of different breeds, so making a choice would be difficult. Calico cats will be the best bet if you don’t want to miss any corners. The vibrant colors on their furs and ubiquitous patches on the skin would please your eyes. To know more about calico cat characteristics, read further. 

Are All Calico Cats Same?

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Although all cats look similar, what makes them unique is the colors and patches on their skin. Most of the cat breeds have similar patterns that make it difficult to identify the breed. One such counterpart of calico is tortoiseshell. 

Calico cat has solid patches spread across her body, whereas tortie has interwoven colors on the coat. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be as easy as identifying the color difference. Some calico cats are tropicals, i.e., both calico and tortoiseshell. 

What Are The Calico Cat Characteristics? 

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  1. All cats are sweet and sassy, but calicoes are loyal, independent, and spunky too. These are great pets for those who crave love, as calico cats always give their master unconditional love.  
  2. They are intelligent pets. 
  3. Unlike other breeds of cats, calico is good with children because of their sweet and endearing behavior.
  4. They are saviors. Yes, calico cats have a history of saving humans for ages. 
  5. The three-color blends-white, orange, and black make them magical. Thus, calico cats are the symbol of fortune that you would usually see in Japan(the beckoning cat)
  6. Generally, calico cats are females, but you may get a rare male calico as well. 
  7. Surprisingly, they can cure wart as per Irish folklore. Simply rub the cat’s tail against the wart. 
  8. Maryland has its official pet and guesses, who’s that. Yes, it’s calico cats because they have similar colors as its official state bird, orioles. 
  9. Don’t be surprised to know that the calico cat is not a breed. It’s just the name these cats have got due to their tri-color patches. So, any cat breed can be calico. 
  10. A healthy calico can live up to 15 years, the highest among all cat breeds. Usually, a cat’s life is between 2 to 16 years. 

What Are The Different Calico Cat Breeds? 

If you are in search of one, here are some of the breeds that have calico coats. 

  • Devon rex
  • Cornish Rex
  • British shorthair
  • American curl
  • American shorthair
  • Persian
  • LaPerm
  • Manx
  • Sphynx
  • Oriental shorthair
  • Scottish fold

What Can Be The Cost Of Calico Cat?

You can buy from any breed of your choice. But, the price may vary, and it would depend upon their age, sex, and breed. Usually, it would cost you somewhere $400-$2,000. If you buy a kitten, then the cost can vary from $750-$2,500 depending on whether it’s male or female. 

An adult would be in a similar range but slightly affordable. And for a more affordable option, adopt a calico cat. 


One of the most desirable cat breeds is calico. The unique calico cat characteristics are the reason. So, find a one and make a new loyal, adorable, and furry friend.

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