Eat Slower, Eat Healthier! Promote Healthy Eating of Your Pets, Fun Feeder and Prevent Indigestion!

Sometimes you may also be worried to know that your pet has eaten all the food at once and is not eating food properly which raises your concerns too. So, with the help of the raised sections in the feeder bowl the dogs can’t eat the food all at once and they have to eat the food slowly. They can eat the food in small quantities only at a time means that there will be an increase in their mealtime.

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About Slow Feeder Bowls

  • To reduce the risk of Bloating

When the dog eats the food faster there are high chances of blaring in their stomach. Bloating causes the stomach to swell or twists can cut off the blood supply to the vital organs which is a very life-threatening situation. Dogs that eat their food faster irrespective of the breed and size have higher chances of Bloating.

  • Prevent gas

When they eat the food altogether at once there are chances that they have a gas problem. Fog farts are really very annoying and irritating and nobody wants to smell them. Gas problems are mostly seen in dogs like bulldogs and boxers who have pushed in faces.

  • Avoid stealing of Food

When you have multiple dogs at home most of them would be gulping the food at a quick speed because they want to eat the food from the next bowl too. But, with the slow feeder bowl they are restricted to eat the food slowly and in turn, reduces the chances of eating from other pets bowl.

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Pros Of Best Pet Slow Feeder Bowl

  • Prevents Choking

Dogs eat the food very quickly and this can lead to choking. Slow feeder bowl help to reduce choking.

  • Reduces Bloating

When the dogs eat food too fast they may have bloating issues which cause their stomach to swell and this may cause farting and gas problems. When the food is eaten slowly in smaller portions there won’t be chances of Bloating.

  • To Prevent Vomiting

With the help of slow feeder bowls, they will be eating slower amounts of food at a time and this will help to reduce the chances of vomiting. Their digestion also improves and they will be feeling too energetic and active.


  • Plastic intake

When they eat the food from pet feeder bowls they will be also eating the plastic also which causes gastro intestinal problems and other major issues also.  They need to get water to remove the plastic Content.

  • Chances of teeth chipping

When they eat the food from the plastic bowl they may be eating the side portions of it which may cause teeth chipping too and is not a good sign.


These are some of the major factors of a pet slow feed bowl.

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