Cute Cat Names for Japanese Males and Female Cats

japanese cat breeds

It’s hard to argue with the popularity of Japanese Cat Breeds like the Shih Tzu or the Toy Poodle. They’re highly intelligent and loyal, and make great pets. But are they right for you? Or are they just another fad for your pet collection?

Some people say these cute little cats are destined to become tomorrow’s house pets. While there isn’t much doubt about that, you might be surprised to know that these Japanese cat breeds were imported to America more than a century ago by Japanese immigrants.

Bobtail And Hyakume

Bobtail and Hyakume are two examples of the many Japanese bobtails that you’ll find in kennels all over the United States. These cats were originally bred to resemble the British Short hair, or English Bobtail. By half starved and half abandoned by their natural owners, these cats managed to survive and thrive in the hot, humid, and hot climate of Japan. So if the name “Bobtail” evokes good luck for your home, then the Japanese Bobtail is probably “just” as lucky.

And what about Hyakume? The word “hyakume” means flower in Japanese. So, this pretty, graceful, and mysterious Japanese Bobtail is the queen of the Japanese flower fairy.

A Shining Flame

A close up of a person petting a cat

But there’s a lot more to these beautiful cats than their Japanese name. Hyakume means “a shining flame,” so this cat has an attitude. It can be rambunctious and talkative at the same time.

Some say that it can be shy when it’s around people, but you’ll be amazed at how outgoing and bubbly it can be when it’s just trying to play with a ball of fur.


A cat lying on the ground

The third of the most famous Japanese feline breed is the kitty, or what is known as “kyo,” which means “beautiful face.” Aoi is one example of a rare male kitty, which is said to have been bred by the son of the original owner, who was a samurai warrior woman.

According to some sources, the original kitty was only bred for a month before becoming a resident kitten in an animal shelter. But when it finally reached adulthood, it was already known as Ogon-sensei, or “a magnificent warrior woman.” This female was bred with a male called Onisakido, which means “he who boasts.”

The Asagi And The Utsuri

If you are looking for a name for your cat, there are actually several possibilities. Of all the cat breeds in Japan, only two are officially recognized – the Asagi (also known as the Ezee in English) and the Utsuri. The other cat is thought to be a pure white and is called the Goromo, which means “little white.”

Because the Asagi is the official breed, all names beginning with Asagi are considered to be Asagi in Japan, as well as all names beginning with the word Utsuri. As for the Goromo, no one knows where it came from or what its name actually is.

The Kuromame

All three names sound similar, but they are very different. If you’d like a completely different kind of funny cat name for your feline friend, there is a special type of breed known as the Kuromame. A special breed of wild cat originally from Japan, the Kuromame is a red fox-like breed that lives in the wild. It also goes by the name Goromo, which means “little red fox.” To this day, the only non-domestic cat in the world to have its own TV show was the Kuromame.

The third in the list of Japanese word names is the Asagi. This is a relatively new breed that was created in 2021. Since then, the Asagi has been going strong and creating a loyal following all over the world. Just like the name implies, the Asagi has red fur and a black mask resembling the head of the wolf in ancient Japan. The name Asagi actually comes from the word Asagi, which means “fox in the fur,” and in reference to the red furs the cat’s head is covered in.

Flowing Water

The last of the cute cat names for Japanese breeds is the Koi. The Koi means “flowing water” in Japanese. The Koi belongs to the Akita family and was originally bred in Japan. Many believe the Koi originated in China, but this remains unproven. This is actually another interesting combination of words that means “cute cat in flowing water.”

These are just some of the many funny cat names for Japanese that you will see when looking in your local pet stores or online. Once you begin to learn more about these unique creatures, you will be amazed at all of their personality traits.

Final Words

These cute male and female cats have different habits depending on which type they are and where they are bred. For example, the task is more likely to be calm around humans and exhibit good leadership skills. However, they can sometimes be aggressive towards other pets if they feel threatened. The usage is known to be a very affectionate cat and is often chosen as the family’s animal of choice, due to their loyalty.

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