Common Cat Breeds in the United States

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If you’ve ever considered getting a cat as a pet, then you probably already know that the most common cat breeds in the United States are Siamese, Persian, and Tabby. These are some of the oldest and most popular cats in North America. Let’s take a look at each of these cats, to find out why they are so popular.

Siamese – The Siamese is perhaps one of the most famous breeds in the world, with its distinctive blue and silver eyes, dense black coat, and distinctive voice. They were actually introduced into the United States in the early twentieth century by a gentleman from Britain who happened to notice some strange tabby-like animals living in a local pond. After taking care of the animals for a while, he decided they tasted really good. They soon became a favorite with middle-class Americans, who loved their gentle nature and intelligence. Siamese has a strong genetic mutation that makes their ears curl back, giving them their characteristic “Siamese” appearance. They are commonly known for their long, silky coats and delightful personalities.

Most Common Cat Breeds

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Persian – The Persian cat is a very popular breed, probably because it looks so much like a modern, oriental Persian cat. As a result, many people think they are Persian. Persian cats, in fact, come from a different breed of cat. Persian kittens are born without a tail, but with a scar on their chests and necks, which is how they got their name. Males and females are almost identical, with the only noticeable difference being the color of their coats.

Tabby – Originally from Japan, the Tabby was bred to be a very affectionate cat. Originally, Tabby cats were bred to be companion animals. Tabby’s personality includes a very sweet nature, love of children, and intelligence. They tend to be very perceptive and can pick up on the aura of others.

Egyptian Mau Cat – Perhaps the most famous of all the most common cat breeds. Egyptians have a long history in the United States, due largely to the fact that they were shipped to America from Egypt. Some historians believe that they first arrived in the Americas after the Egyptians conquered Italy. They are sometimes called the mouthing cat.

A Much Ado

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Devon Rex – The most famous of all the Devon Rex breeds is the one that made its way to Australia, initially as an import. Devon Rex cats have a medium or large body type, big thick pointed ears, and very shiny, red hair. They are naturally green with varying amounts of blue or gray in their fur. Their body is solid and muscular yet quite gentle and beautiful.

Siamese Cat – The most well-known Siamese breeds in the United States is the American Siamese and the Siamese in Thailand. Siamese cats have a very distinctive and distinct personality that is often described as having a “presence” or “fury”. These cats have a sweet, smiling expression that makes them appear friendly. Their colors are usually fawn or chocolate, but they can be found in many different colors, from blue, purple, black, and even fawn with white markings in certain breeds.

Bottom Line 

Other than color, these are the only non-color combinations found in the American Kennel Club list of registered cat breeds. The only Siamese breed that is not registered is the “Cheshire Cat”. All other Siamese cats are either Siamese in America or the Siamese in Thailand. All other breeds are Siamese. Other commonly found Siamese cats include British Leyland Terriers, British Shorthair, Chinese Crested Cat, Japanese Bobtail, Manchester Terriers, New Zealand Siamese, and the Peruvian Short Hair.

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