Characteristics of Ragdoll Cats – All You Need To Know

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One of the things that make Ragdoll cats so popular is the fact that they have several unique characteristics that set them apart from other traditional cats. Some of these characteristics include: they don’t shed, they don’t have manes, and they don’t have tail loss. Let’s take a look at the characteristics listed above to better understand what makes Ragdoll Cats so unique.

An Overview

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The first thing we’ll talk about is shedding. All animals shed, but the frequency in which they do so varies greatly between different breeds and species. Cat hair tends to be very fine and can easily be washed or removed with a simple swab. The hair on the legs and underbelly of most cats however, tends to be much larger and heavier, and can be difficult for a pet owner to manually remove.

Another common characteristic of Ragdoll cats is their lack of hair on their head. Since all hairs on the body are genetically set free when a cat is born, all that remains are the long, beautiful hair tufts on the back and sides of the head. While some breeds such as Siamese do naturally have longer hair on the head, most have short hair with no natural tail. This creates the short mane that all cats have. While some breeds such as Persian cats can have long hair on the head, they usually have short hair tufts where the tail would be, creating a completely hairless “cat face”.

One interesting characteristic that is shared by only a few breeds is the fact that all ragdoll cats have somewhat overlapping ears. They are shaped somewhat like the backwards “C” shape, with one edge being rounded and the other being pointed. Though not much is known about the evolution of this trait, it is generally accepted that it started off as a result of crossbreeding Siamese cats with ragdolling British cats. The crossing resulted in a cat that had both the high and low traces of tail, making for an interesting creature.

Characteristics of Ragdoll Cats

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All ragdoll cats are independent creatures. They must walk on all four legs, but because of the way the body is built, only the back legs are developed. The front legs stay folded over the back. This allows the cat to stand upright, but only half its normal height. Because of the unusual construction, all cats can easily overheat, requiring plenty of water to keep from overheating. This is one reason that these cats are great for people who are allergic to cats or who live in an area with high temperatures.

These lovely creatures love to play and will often hide in small places where they can spend hours playing. When not playing, they enjoy lounging in a low-lying place. They get to be quite dapper when they dress up in their tiny outfits.

As you can see, the characteristics of ragdoll cats are pretty wide ranging. This leads to many questions as to why so many people love to own them. It has been suggested that they are perfect pets for people who do not have a lot of room in their house or for those who do not like large felines. In fact, many animal shelters prefer Ragdoll cats over any other breed. In fact, some shelters refuse to place ragdoll cats with any other breed, because they simply do not understand how hard it is to train such a beautiful cat to use a litter box.

In The End

One thing is for sure, no matter what type of ragdoll cat you get, you are in for a treat. You cannot go wrong when you own one. These gorgeous little feline creatures exude personality and charm. They are a joy to be around and are loved by all.

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