Characteristics Of Cats Every Cat Owner Must Be Aware Of

A close up of a cat with green eyes

Characteristics of cats often make for an important point whether to keep cats as your pet. Some people like the independent nature of cats while some like the cuddly cats who can sit on their lap. Having a cat as your pet will surely need some research about their characteristics. 

For instance, before taking one of these cute kittens, you must be aware of their traits. Knowing the traits will help you be a good pet parent and will surely be beneficial to both the cat as well as owner. While there is no guarantee that you will have the best relationship with your cat, knowing some qualities will help you build it stronger. Here are some characteristics of cats that every cat owner must know about. 

Characteristics Of Cats Often Do Not Show Strict Social Hierarchy 

A cat lying on a bed

One thing you must have noticed is that usually there is no alpha member in a cat’s group. When they are in a group, they show less interest in domination and rather share the resources according to their comfort. For example, if you have more than one cat in your house, you will see that they will share the time for sitting in a particular place rather than being dominant with each other. 

Cats Are Particular About Their Interpersonal Space 

A close up of a cat

Personal space is that one thing every cat owner is aware about. It is an area around their body which they consider threatful if space is invaded. This is most common when the cats interact with new pets or animals with whom they are not familiar. You must know this characteristic as it is very important to comfort your cat. Also, this will help in avoiding any further fights including the cat in it. 

Ignoring Is Also A Characteristics Of Cats 

A cat lying on a bed

If you see your cat ignoring you don’t go into self-introspection thinking that you did something wrong. Cats are like this. They are independent by nature and will need some time for themselves. It is best to leave them alone for some time and enjoy their time. This won’t affect the wonderful relationship you have with your cat. The cat will come back to you again when it needs a bit of attention. 

Their Threatening Behaviour Can Last For Sometime 

A cat lying on a bed

Cats are generally very subtle in showing their friendliness. If you think a cat will welcome you by giving licks, whines and cries, you are mistaken. People working in a veterinary place have experienced the moody nature of cats. If you see a cat not comfortable around other animals, this can lead to a threatening and angry reaction of the cat. This becomes quite difficult to handle as the cat will take a good amount of time to calm down. 


Thus, knowing all the traits will help you choose your purring friend wisely.

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