Cats Behaviour When Pregnant- Follow These Tips

cats behaviour when pregnant

When you have a pet in your house, you give all your love to them. Every pet loves to be loved by its owner. If you have a pet cat in your house that is pregnant and is currently lying in some corner of the house, then it needs special attention. When the cat is pregnant, she should be provided with quick service. Pregnant cats should have a very good diet so that they do not have any problem in pregnancy. Let us know how to serve and care for a pregnant cat.

Care Tips For Pregnant Cat


1. Right food: It is necessary to give the right type of food to the cat during this time. Please give her a diet that contains lots of vitamins and minerals.

2. Protect her: Take care of her even if the weather is bad because this lousy weather can make her sick.

Avoid Coming in Contact with Other Cats: Due to hormonal change, there can be a lot of pressure on the pregnant cat, so keep it away from other cats at this time.

4. Proper rest Take special care of the cat’s rest. Please put it in a good place and put it on a soft bed. Do not let her suffer anything.

5. Vaccine: Every pregnant cat needs to be vaccinated. You should follow the orders of the animal vet and immediately follow whatever advice the vet gives.

Veterinary Care for Pregnant Cats


If you think that your cat is expecting, or she mated somewhere in heat, then you should immediately take her to the vet. It is not easy on cats to find if they are pregnant or not; it takes 3-4 weeks to know a cat’s pregnancy. The common signs that your cat is pregnant are; she gets ill, shows odd signs, contacts the vet immediately.

To confirm a cat’s pregnancy, you can lightly rub your cat’s abdomen; however, sometimes, it can be tough to know if your cat is obese. The second option is ultrasound; this way, you can confirm your cat’s pregnancy.

Your Pregnant Cat’s Environment

Aside from feeding right, it is essential to keep the environment around our cat clean. During pregnancy, cats look for clean space to start nesting.

One of the simplest things you can do for your cat is to arrange a card box or a basket. Fill them with warm blankets. Your cat will feel safe this way. 


As your cat gives birth to the kitties, make sure not to separate mom from the kittens. Provide the right amount of food to the mother as she is feeding the kittens. After a few days, you can bring all the kittens along with the mother to the vet for a check-up. Everyone loves cats; they are the most adorable ones. If you have a pregnant cat at your home, make sure to follow these tips—this way, your cat can give birth safely and without causing you any problem.

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