Cat Zoomies Can Help Your Pet Get a Great Pep Talk

cat zoomies

Many people believe that cats are exempt from common illnesses because they can self-medicate. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, cats can be sick just as humans can if they aren’t well taken care of. For example, feline behaviorists have noted some common feline illnesses including urinary tract infections, flatulence, urinary crystals, incontinence, and excessive meowing during the day. Cat owners have come to appreciate the therapeutic and restorative benefits cat zoomies provide. This is because it helps alleviate feline behavior problems by suppressing the cat’s natural hunting instincts. When your cat becomes too full and wants to go, he’ll put his belly against your leg, jump up on you, or perform other feline activities that can distract him from his pain.

Coping Mechanism

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Some cats get so excited when they see you that they may engage in vigorous grooming, meowing, squatting, leaping, and a whole host of other feline activities. What you may not realize is that this kind of frenetic random movement is actually a form of self-medication. Your cat is engaging in a coping mechanism that is designed to reduce tension and promote healing. If your cat is experiencing medical conditions or other ailments, he’s using his claws as a means to numb the sensation. In other words, instead of meowing because he’s scared of being caught, he’s meowing because he’s excited to see you! By using cat zoomies on a regular basis, you’ll help to regulate and eliminate this frolic.


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Feline anal infections are treated best by addressing the underlying cause, so if your cat has a problem with frequent bleeding from its anus, you should consider the possibility that it could be linked to a hernia, ulcer, or vagus nerve. If you give your cat an enema (procedure similar to a colonic flush), you run the risk of introducing bacteria into its system that can then colonize the anus. By giving your cat a dose of cat zoomies on a monthly basis, you can address any of these potential health issues.

Medical Condition

The most common medical condition that leads to feline behavior problems is ulcers. If an ulcer is severe, your cat can spend long periods of time at rest, not groom itself, urinate in odd places, and can develop a wide variety of symptoms. This can lead to a host of other problems if not addressed in a timely manner. If your cat has an ulcer, try giving it an oral cure, as well as administering a topical treatment to the affected area. If the condition is chronic, both oral and topical treatments may be needed. Make sure to use a natural behavior product, such as cetyl myristoleate, in these instances because medications can have adverse side effects.


When cats tend to get really excited, they may sprint around like wild animals for several miles. This is usually referred to as a “burst”. If you notice your cat’s ears puffing out and it’s eyes rolling around like crazy, it’s probably an ulcer. If your cat is prone to this type of behavior, you can give it a dose of cat zoomies and monitor its progress from then on to prevent it from getting an infection.


There are many other types of feline behavior problems that can be resolved by cat owners who use natural remedy products on a regular basis. Some of these include hairball problems, excessive barking, whining and cat nipping, and even excessive playfulness. It’s pretty safe to say most cat owners agree that cats don’t need to have their tails cut or their paws striped. In fact, cats love to play and frolicking around with their human companions by running around them in circles. A great way to calm these affectionate animals is through the use of cat zoomies.

Wrapping Up

Cat owners have also reported a decrease in the amount of hairballs that develop in their cats after they use cat zoomies on a regular basis. The lack of pooping in the litter box doesn’t seem to be a medical issue, but if your cat isn’t normally very excretory, the lack of litter box excretion may be a serious health concern. Many cats don’t need their clippers anymore because they’re so good at eliminating on their own. With some simple grooming, you could see a significant decrease in the number of hairballs without cutting your cat’s tail off, too.

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