Cat Breeder Facts, Tips, And Tricks (Pt II) -

Cat Breeder Facts, Tips, And Tricks (Pt II)

Here is the second part of the discussion on cat breeder facts, tips, and tricks. It is a great career choice for cat lovers. There is something simply rewarding about assisting the creation and birth of a litter of cats into this world. If you are curious about this career path, read on below to find out more.

Salary And Costs

Cat Breeder Facts, Tips, And Tricks (Pt II)
Cat Breeder Facts, Tips, And Tricks (Pt II)

The salary is a huge thing to be considered in any career. The thing with being a cat breeder is you need some seed money to get started. You will need an estimated cost of a thousand dollars to get started. This covers a lot of things. You will need a breeding cat which often costs thousands. The breed highly influences the cost. There are even added costs if you are shipping or importing the cat into your area. Cats in high demand and low supply naturally cost more than the others.

There are stud fees if your queen does not have a male partner. You can strike up a deal with the owner of the stud cat of your choice. The cost for this is about a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousands, depending on the breed of the cat.

There are also costs that come with setting up your stud house or cattery. You need to pay for the pens, compartments, and other amenities your cat needs. You also need to spend on their basic necessities like food, scratching post, litter box, toys, etc. These ongoing costs can pile up over time.

More Costs

There are also certain medical needs that you need to attend to. Your cat should have a go-to veterinarian in which she can take all of her shots as well as other surgical needs. There is also a fee for general medical checkups to ensure that your cat is always at its best form. Another cost is testing for diseases as well as blood typing your cat for compatibility reasons.

The other fees you might need to spend on including the cat insurance, advertisement of your business, fees for cat shows, and the proper care for your queen during her time off. The startup is about a few thousand dollars and your returns highly depend on the breed of your choosing. Some kittens from elusive breeds can be sold for thousands of dollars apiece.


Cat Breeder Facts, Tips, And Tricks (Pt II)
Cat Breeder Facts, Tips, And Tricks (Pt II)

You should remember that being a cat breeder is a full-time job. Your queen demands more attention and care if she is pregnant. It is important that you keep your queen healthy and well taken care of to avoid complications. She also deserves playtime and some neck scratches. There are additional costs when it is time to give birth as you need to rush her to the vet or opt for a C-section. It is a hard job but there are many great rewards.

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