Cat Behavior – Character Traits

characteristics of big cats

The short answer to the question is…. Cats are persons too! In other words, they are just like humans in many ways. Just like people, they like to have their own space to play around in, to meow and to purr.

Has A Very Interesting History

A leopard standing on a rock

The Character Trait of Cats has a very interesting history. Originally, back in the middle ages in Europe (where cats were more common than they are today), it was against the law to own a wild cat. As such, there really wasn’t much reason for a cat to be. In fact, owning a cat was against the law in many places. Therefore, most cats were born in captivity and bred in captivity. That way, they could be free to be themselves.

It wasn’t until sometime later that felines were domesticated. After that, they began to roam freely throughout the land. This was what led to all of the personality traits we know about today. The Character Trait of Cats includes such characteristics as: loving and sharing affection with everyone; independent, curious and intelligent; quite playful; independent, curious and independent; not overly territorial; very good climbers and runners; good swimmers and runners; and very adaptable in temperature and climate.

So, does your cat fulfill any of these characteristics? If so, then you would have a Character Trait of Cats. But, if your cat doesn’t meet one or more of these essential qualities, then your cat is considered not to have a Character Trait of Cats at all.

Character Trait Of Exuberance

A tiger in the snow

Your cat might have a Character Trait of Exuberance. For example, if your cat likes to jump around the house, and it has long hair, and you give it a ball of yarn or some toys to chase around. Then your cat might have Character Traits of Exuberance. Your cat is likely to get so wound up in having so much fun, that it gets itself hurt. Sometimes this is cute and your cat loves it, but sometimes it can be dangerous. Just think of a lion roaring in a forest when it has found an antelope to eat.

Trait Of Feline Flair

Another example is the character trait of Feline Flair. When you see a cat with hair one-length down, or a tail curl that could go all the way around its body, you could probably picture it catching prey with its claws and teeth. This can be both a good trait and a bad one for cats. A cat with too much fluffiness could be a lazy person who only wants to lay around and look pretty.

In a similar vein, you could also picture your cat catching a bird with its mouth wide open. A hungry cat, with its eyes wide open, would probably just scream and claw at the bird, and it would probably be unable to bring itself to do such a thing. But, if your cat watched and observed a hunter goes after a game, then it probably would not hesitate to attack the preys of the hunter. It may not bring it down to the ground, but it could also bring it down pretty quickly with a few sharp strikes to the head or neck area. So, this character trait would be a plus if you had a very fast attack, like a tiger.

Summing Up

One more trait that is a positive for cats is the one that they are very affectionate and loving. They love to have their owner’s pet them, cuddle them, and take care of them in any way possible. This is another positive character trait, but not always easily demonstrated. Sometimes it takes someone special to show them how much they mean to you. If you are looking for a cat and have not found one yet, keep these traits in mind and your search will be much easier.

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