Bring Endless Fun to Your Cat and You on Halloween! Perfect Choice and a Great Gift for Your Pet!

If you are a pet lover and you would like to dress up your Pat stylishly. The Catevil spirit, batwing day costume could be a wise choice for you. This can be a novel pet costume and excellent for daily wear and special occasions, like day, parties.

Are you searching for an associate end-top product to cosplay your cat the competition this year? Besides cat Thundershirt, you’ll frame your cat with bat wings. Let’s do that product.

Buying Guide

 Dressing up your cat won’t be like swinging a fancy dress on a dog — it is less possible for the cat to enjoy the dress-up since they don’t get pleasure from feeling confined. Select a fancy dress your cat won’t need to scratch, paw or wiggle out of. Avoid easily-clawed materials and materials that would irritate your cCat’sskin, like tulle.

Thankfully, their square measures quite a few cat-friendly (and comfy!) day costumes out there that your feline friend is probably going to stay on long enough for you to induce a shareable pic. Therefore let’s comprehend the options and advantages of this product. Buy this amazing Cute Vampire/Bat Wings For Cat Halloween Costume.


●    The material is black felt, lightweight and soft, and therefore the cat has no sense of bondage.

●    The whole product is black, with swish and swish lines. It will deduce the mysterious and funky feeling of daft.

●    Harmless for your Pet.

●    User-friendly style makes your Pet a lot cuter and cozy.

●    Perfect costume for a day party, masquerade, costume party, etc.

●    This batwing makes a beautiful back for your cat.


Item sort :   Hair Accessories

Size         :       M

Type       :         cats

Material    :   cloth

A cat that is looking at the camera


●    Be adjustable to fit your cat.

●    This product is adjustable that adjusts simply on the rear of your cat.

●    Easy to wear.

●    You can notice ease in sporting and laying aside.

●    First-rate quality and sturdiness.

●    It is created by intelligent quality artifact material that makes it sturdy.

●    Make your cat a lot pretty and unique.

●    Suitable for several events and parties.

●    Lightweight

●    Safe for your Pet. it’s isn’t harmful for your cat. It’s completely safe.

A cat that is looking at the camera


●    Fit for most of the small-size and medium-sized cats.

●    The primary material to form this wing is an artifact. Therefore it tears if you’re not careful.

●    It needs careful maintenance.


In this article, we discuss that if you have got a pet and you would like your Pet to appear trendy and funky, then the Bat Wing day costume is the best choice for you. This costume makes your Pet cute and engaging.

Next we have to discuss the options of this costume.The options of this day’s costumes square measure as follows – Black color, lightweight, straightforward to wear, suitable, soft and harmless.

If you are too searching for decent quality and value for money bat wings, this can be for you.

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